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Hadia Kashif

Hadia Kashif


Pakistan International School Jeddah , Jeddah

Aslam-o-Alaikum! i am HADIA and my full name is HADIA KASHIF. i am naughty girl and talk too much. i m 13 years old. i m living...


Hadia Kashif

I want to eat fish

2012 Jan 5th 760 Views
I wish to eat a fish but for this  I have to go to the market of fish but the market is far and I have to use a car but the car is not working... read more
Hadia - Nice i love u i think i know u did u ever studied in the city school muslim...    2017 Dec 22nd
Sajahir - nice    2016 Aug 26th
Syeda Zuha - Hmmm...Really GOod and.LOvely pOem♥♥♥ I wanna say One thing mOre that...    2014 Aug 10th


Hadia Kashif

Bullet Proof Jacket

2011 Sep 23rd 975 Views
In a war a man was wearing a mosquito net instead of bullet proof jacket.Somebody ask why have you worn a mosquito net instead of a bullet proof... read more
Irza - OKAAAYYY!I DIDNT Really Get That (no offence but....can u make it a little bit...    2015 Nov 5th
Raveeha - FUNNY,foolish man    2014 Jan 8th
Laibah - NYC try    2013 Jun 16th
Hadia Kashif


2011 Jul 16th 898 Views
One day a man went to a museum. There he broke a statue. Officer: you have broken 1000 years old statue. Man: Thank God I thought that it was new... read more
Irza - BOHT funny hai LOL ;)    2015 Nov 5th
Tipu - nyc joke my new friend!!!!!!!!!    2011 Dec 28th
Xerac - nyc    2011 Sep 1st
Hadia Kashif

Beneficial wife

2011 Jun 13th 1038 Views
Husband: I have got one benefit to marrying u Wife: what? Husband: I have got punishment of my sins in this world.   read more
Irza - HHAAAHHHHAAAAAAA NICE JOKE! BTW i really like the Kashif in your name :D    2015 Nov 5th
Tipu - very funny!!    2011 Dec 28th
Abdur-Rahman - Boriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.Just kidding,don't worry    2011 Aug 24th


Hadia Kashif

Sand dial with an...

2012 Jan 12th 870 Views
Sand dial with an incomplete note

Qurratul - TOO DIFFICULTTTT..................!^_^!!!**********    2014 Jun 13th
Qurratul - LOVE IT...!    2014 Jun 7th
Bint Waseem - gud!!!!!!!    2012 Mar 20th
Hadia Kashif

Alone swan

2012 Jan 5th 724 Views
Alone swan
1 Person like this! - Anonymous Writer

Daim - why is the swan in so tension i think you made it in a sadd mood any how its...    2012 Mar 5th
Hadia - thanks 4 commentingvdsqC    2012 Jan 8th
Shazma - Nice 1!!!!!!!!!!!!    2012 Jan 6th
Hadia Kashif

Beach view

2011 Oct 28th 787 Views
Beach view
3 People Like this! - Anonymous WriterWARDAH IBRAHIMMahnoor Khalid

Wareesha - GREAT HADIA.    2011 Dec 1st
Bint Waseem - welx!    2011 Nov 1st
Mahnoor - nyc 1    2011 Oct 31st
Hadia Kashif

V SHINE in frame

2011 Oct 28th 771 Views
V SHINE in frame
2 People Like this! - Anonymous WriterWARDAH IBRAHIM

Hadia - thanks Bareera, Bint Waseem, Mahnoor and Manal and Javeria i will try my best...    2011 Oct 29th
Bint Waseem - NYC!!!!!    2011 Oct 29th
Bareera - nyc 1    2011 Oct 28th
Hadia Kashif

Oh! Mouse ate cake

2011 Sep 14th 787 Views
Oh! Mouse ate cake

Emaan - Very nice! What would the baker of the cake say,I know! "Thomas!Catch that...    2012 Apr 14th
Tipu - the mouce should eat the whole cake to become healthy!!!! so weak...    2011 Dec 28th
Bint Waseem - NYC!    2011 Sep 19th
Hadia Kashif


2011 Aug 21st 713 Views
1 Person like this! - Anonymous Writer

L - ugh..    2012 Jul 26th
Emaan - :)    2012 Apr 14th
Tipu - complex drawing    2011 Dec 29th
Hadia Kashif


2011 Aug 12th 866 Views
1 Person like this! - Anonymous Writer

Aliza - nthng special(    2011 Aug 13th
Pivak - awesome...    2011 Aug 13th
Aaiza - Good    2011 Aug 12th


Hadia Kashif

Sports and games

2011 Oct 21st 1006 Views
You might be heard that ''health is wealth" but have ever thought that how can we gain this wealth? According to me eating healthy food just keep us... read more
2 People Like this! - Anonymous WriterBazil Rashid

Simi - u r right    2012 Jan 13th
Bazil - super    2012 Jan 8th
Aliza - u r true    2011 Oct 22nd
Hadia Kashif

Seven Facts

2011 Sep 30th 787 Views
A.O.A! Everybody, I got some facts about animals and birds few days ago and now I want to share these facts with all of you. There are 701 types of... read more
2 People Like this! - RAFIA ChBazil Rashid

Bazil - hadia very good    2011 Oct 13th
1 Comment
Hadia Kashif


2011 Aug 14th 938 Views
Now a day Pakistan is passing through a tough time. Media is doing many things to help Pakistan in this tough time. But many people say that the... read more
Bint Waseem - EXACTLY....TRUE!!!!!!!!!!    2011 Sep 29th
Aamna - Nice Article    2011 Sep 17th
Bareera - nyc article    2011 Aug 29th
Hadia Kashif

Golden words

2011 Jul 26th 668 Views
If you want to check someone valence, so respect him. If he will be high valence he will do your respect and if he will be low valence he will think... read more
3 People Like this! - Anonymous WriterBareera KhalidMaryam Fatima

Ibrahim - nice and happy ramazan    2011 Aug 4th
Javaria - awesum    2011 Aug 2nd
Saba - Thanks & Happy RAMADAN 2 UUU    2011 Aug 2nd
Hadia Kashif

Two powerful tools

2011 Jul 16th 767 Views
Smile and silence are two powerful tools Smile is a way to solve many problems. And Silence is a way to avoid many problems.   read more
3 People Like this! - Anonymous WriterWARDAH IBRAHIMBareera Khalid

Khaulah Ahmed - Thats absolutely right    2011 Aug 22nd
Jawwad - GOOd Very Good! Smile take nothing but it gives a LOT    2011 Aug 8th
Zahra - True    2011 Jul 17th
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Full Name
Hadia Kashif
Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
Pakistan International School Jeddah

Aslam-o-Alaikum! i am HADIA and my full name is HADIA KASHIF. i am naughty girl and talk too much. i m 13 years old. i m living KSA,Jeddah. actually i m from Lahore. i m in P.I.S.J in class 8 and section D. i m good at studies and always got position(accept 7class because i joined the school in middle). i like magical , suspense and comedy films. in cartoons i like dragon ball z, grand sazers, justirizers, sazer X, all barbies, mickey mouse club house, doremon, kitertsu, shinchan, digimon, bakugan battle brawlers, totally spies, power rangers mystic force, detective connan. i like poetry of Allama Iqbal.and he is also one of my favorite personalty.

Tv watching
Net surfing
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