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Azka Iqbal

Azka Iqbal


Pakistan International School , Al Khobar

I am azka iqbal,a girlof10years old.I love to make friends +I am the topper of my class.I love English movies especially Harry...


Azka Iqbal

The Golden Sun

2017 Mar 20th 307 Views
The sun shines like gold in the day,Its light shows us the rightful way,It shines so bright,That I wish to hold it so tight,When it starts to set,I... read more
Zainab - in which school do you study?    2017 Dec 17th
Zainab - ok    2017 Dec 17th
Azka - No I'm not in Pakistan International School But u can come to my sis class 3 f    2017 Dec 16th
Azka Iqbal

The Silver Moon

2017 Mar 19th 242 Views
 Who let us see it every night.Allah has made it so bright,Pretending like a silver kite,Holding it in my mind so tight,Gazing it at every... read more
Azka - Thanks Sajahir😊😊😊    2017 Aug 31st
Fatima - I like it wonderful    2017 Aug 28th
Sajahir - great    2017 Aug 25th


Azka Iqbal

The Policeman And The...

2017 Jul 29th 476 Views
Once there lived three men in a house 1st man's name was Mad,2nd man's name was No one and the 3rd  man's name was Mind.One day someone killed... read more
Azka - Thanks every one%uD83D%uDE07%uD83D%uDE0A%uD83D%uDE00    2017 Dec 22nd
Muhammad - WowπŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘°    2017 Dec 8th
Wania - woah! This one was a good one.    2017 Dec 4th
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pisk khobar
Full Name
Azka Iqbal
Saudi Arabia, eastern province, Al Khobar
Pakistan International School

I am azka iqbal,a girlof10years old.I love to make friends +I am the topper of my class.I love English movies especially Harry potter.I am really creative. My aim is to become a doctor, a light for my country and take it to the peak of progress InshaAllah.πŸ˜‡


Indoor games
Writing stories
Stamp collecting
Science Science science it has so many chapters I wish I could just be a rapper I don't know what... read more
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Cat One day I really wanted a Cat But everybody told it should be fat Then I said i do not... read more
Together Leave the darkness Leave the sadness Come to light Stop the fight We are one Shine like... read more
Science Science science it has so many chapters I wish I could just be a rapper I don't know what... read more
Home Sweet Home Home sweet home, You never make us feel alone, Protecting us from bad weather and storm... read more
Exercise When you exercise; your brain becomes happy and alert.exercise also relaxes you and your... read more
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My Winter I will gaze at the stars,And maybe even Mars,They are all so bright,On a wonderful clear... read more

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