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Azka Iqbal

Azka Iqbal


Pakistan International School , Al Khobar

I am azka iqbal,a girlof11years old.I love to make friends +I am the topper of my class.I love English tv shows like...


Azka Iqbal

The Golden Sun

2017 Mar 20th 451 Views
The sun shines like gold in the day,Its light shows us the rightful way,It shines so bright,That I wish to hold it so tight,When it starts to set,I... read more
Zainab - thank you so much for telling me sakifay!:)    May 26th
Azka - Thanks Muhammad    Mar 23rd
Muhammad - wow    Mar 16th
Azka Iqbal

The Silver Moon

2017 Mar 19th 410 Views
 Who let us see it every night.Allah has made it so bright,Pretending like a silver kite,Holding it in my mind so tight,Gazing it at every... read more
Azka - Thanks Sakifay    Feb 23rd
Sakifay Mary - Fantastic and marvellous    Feb 15th
Azka - Thanks Sajahir😊😊😊    2017 Aug 31st


Azka Iqbal

The Policeman And The...

2017 Jul 29th 644 Views
Once there lived three men in a house 1st man's name was Mad,2nd man's name was No one and the 3rd  man's name was Mind.One day someone killed... read more
Azka - Thanks Afrah and Hafsa☺😊😊    Mar 23rd
Hafsa - amazing!    Mar 18th
Afrah - lol :)    Mar 5th