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Azka Iqbal

Azka Iqbal


Pakistan International School , Al Khobar

I am azka iqbal,a girlof10years old.I love to make friends +I am the topper of my class.I love English movies especially Harry...


Azka Iqbal

The Golden Sun

Mar 20th 275 Views
The sun shines like gold in the day,Its light shows us the rightful way,It shines so bright,That I wish to hold it so tight,When it starts to set,I... read more
Azka - I don't have any Yaseera!    Nov 19th
Yaseera - Hi Azka Who are your best friends can you tell me or write it in your screen pls    Nov 10th
Azka - Thanks Sajahir😊😊😊    Aug 31st
Azka Iqbal

The Silver Moon

Mar 19th 221 Views
 Who let us see it every night.Allah has made it so bright,Pretending like a silver kite,Holding it in my mind so tight,Gazing it at every... read more
Azka - Thanks Sajahir😊😊😊    Aug 31st
Fatima - I like it wonderful    Aug 28th
Sajahir - great    Aug 25th


Azka Iqbal

The Policeman And The...

Jul 29th 387 Views
Once there lived three men in a house 1st man's name was Mad,2nd man's name was No one and the 3rd  man's name was Mind.One day someone killed... read more
Muhammad Hassan Mujtaba - that was Fantastic.    Nov 20th
Noorish - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that's way too awesome    Oct 19th
Fiza - Hahahaha 😸😸😸😜.............    Sep 24th
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Full Name
Azka Iqbal
Saudi Arabia, eastern province, Al Khobar
Pakistan International School

I am azka iqbal,a girlof10years old.I love to make friends +I am the topper of my class.I love English movies especially Harry potter.I am really creative. My aim is to become a doctor, a light for my country and take it to the peak of progress InshaAllah.πŸ˜‡


Indoor games
Writing stories
Stamp collecting
The tables one day the teacher asked the student to tell me tables the student replied one table,two... read more
The Letter Mother: Why did you cut the letter in half.Son: Because there was a sign saying to cut to... read more
The dog One day Luna bought a dog and named it lioness.That day she decided to show it to her... read more
Who is called Man? Kid:dad who is called man.   Dad:The one who rules the house.   Kid:So,it is... read more
Robots Once I saw a robot in a TV show, He was in a restaurant making dough, He was... read more
The walurus and carpenter The sun was shining on the sea.Shining with all his might. He did his very best to make... read more
The strange Thing What looks like a train, makes a noise after each hour, and also gives out something... read more
My Big Brother I wake up and see the light flashing on my face I open my eyes and see someone so... read more
My Summer Vacations As my Summer vacations took a start,A wave of joy overflow through my heart,But one thing... read more
DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TEACHER AND STEAM ENGINE TEACHER: What is the difference between a teacher and steam engine? ALI: There is... read more
Elliot Lost His Family Elliot the elephant is sad because he lost his family. He walks and walks, then he finds... read more
A Tale of Fantasy On his way home, Saad found a pen. He picked it up, cleaned it and wrote the name of his... read more

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