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Asiya Imran

Asiya Imran


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Asiya Imran


2014 May 11th 813 Views
I was sitting at the window, listening to the birds chirp and the boys playing cricket on the road. It was so peaceful. No-one was home. My mother... read more
Munkashay - *heals you to life*    2015 Dec 30th
Asiya - Hahahahaahaha. YAyyyyyyy. I am freaking out. How the hell did my story get...    2014 Oct 8th
Munkashay - Did you see? Did you see? Your story got posted in V shine's Young Writer's...    2014 Sep 17th
Asiya Imran

The Twins Baby sits The...

2014 Jan 13th 960 Views
 THUD!"Hey, Khadijah, did you hear that?"I asked. It was 9 o'clock and I was scared siff because of all the noises coming from the... read more
Munkashay - Why? Vshine won't publish it or what??    2014 Jul 18th
Sara - nice but not too much nice    2014 May 19th
Tooba - nice    2014 May 12th
Asiya Imran

The Twins Baby-Sit the...

2013 Dec 28th 1024 Views
The day that I baby sat my younger twin brothers is the most laughable and memorable day of my life. At the last moment, my mom said, "Are you sure... read more
Munkashay - Ahem, wot?    2015 Dec 30th
Shehram - dont make a mountain out of a molehill stupids(stupids for making u laugh)    2014 Aug 31st
Tooba - nice    2014 May 12th