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Irum Hayaat

Irum Hayaat


Paf , Karachi

Hey guys. i like to paint


Irum Hayaat

Friendship: The World's...

2013 Oct 2nd 1343 Views
Friendship...well, what to say? It is the world’s most strong relationship. And you don’t know that unless it’s broken. I also... read more
Arooba - u welcome dear    2014 Jul 1st
Irum - Thanks everyone...:)    2014 Jun 16th
Amna - U didn't replied.......    2014 Jun 7th


Irum Hayaat

Five Very Difficult...

2013 May 1st 57573 Views
Mary’s father has 5 daughters: 1) Nana 2) Nene 3) Nini 4) Nono. What is the name of the 5th daughter?Suppose you’re on a game show, and... read more
Irza - 1) Mary 2) cause both r goats 3)wha?? 4)wha?? 5)habit. v nyc riddles i...    2016 Aug 27th
Yashal - Can we be friends ayesha    2015 Jan 1st
Soha - I am gud dear :) I luv u all yaaaaarr n I never forget my frndz ;) N do u knw y...    2014 Aug 9th
Irum Hayaat


2013 Mar 2nd 1091 Views
1. Two cops walked into a room with no windows and found a dead man who obviously hung himself from the ceiling, though they couldn't figure out how... read more
Munkashay - Mmmm..... needs thinking....:D    2013 Dec 26th
Irum - Can u gues the answers?    2013 Dec 19th
Munkashay - Hard ones, Ayesha!    2013 Dec 15th
Irum Hayaat

Tommy and His Father

2013 Feb 25th 1141 Views
A little boy called Tommy asked his father that where does the water from the taps come from?Father: It comes from rivers and lakes.A FEW DAYS... read more
Nimra - heyy ayesha so how r u? :) whts going on these dayys? :) did u enjoyed ur...    2014 Aug 6th
Nimra - oohh okk no prblm.. :)    2014 Feb 24th
Irum - Hey Nimra!!! I a fine!! No yaar I dont have an FB account! Not until I'm 16!    2014 Feb 23rd
Irum Hayaat

How do you catch a...

2013 Feb 9th 753 Views
Q: How do you catch a squirrel?A: Climb up a tree and act like a nut! read more
Munkashay - ;D ;D    2013 Dec 26th
Irum - :)    2013 Dec 19th
Munkashay - HA HA HA HA HA HA HA and HA!    2013 Dec 15th
Irum Hayaat

Zookeeper and Three Boys

2013 Feb 9th 759 Views
A zookeeper approaches three boys standing near the lions' cage and asks them their names and what they're up to.The first boy says, "My name's Tommy... read more
Munkashay - :) :)    2013 Dec 26th
Irum - :)    2013 Dec 19th
Irum - :)    2013 Dec 19th


Irum Hayaat

True Friendship

2013 Sep 24th 669 Views
Hello guys. I wanted to take an opportunity into writing this article because there is something of importance that I think the whole world on V... read more
Munkashay - Oh my God, you two are evil! Heh heh. Well, it's the opposite for me, my Bro...    2014 Sep 16th
Irum - I knowww!    2014 Aug 14th
Gul Noor - Little brothers can be VERY annoying . Seriously. BTW, my little brother is 9...    2014 Aug 6th
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Full Name
Irum Hayaat
Pakistan, Sindh, Karachi

Hey guys. i like to paint

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Writing stories
Lucifer (Part 5)  “The reports indicate nothing serious. So there is nothing to worry about... read more
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Friendship: The World's most Strong Relationship Friendship...well, what to say? It is the world’s most strong relationship. And you... read more
True Friendship Hello guys. I wanted to take an opportunity into writing this article because there is... read more
We Once Were One The day that we first met,in my mind I still see,you sitting in the lunch room, looking... read more
Numbers A 1st grade teacher took her students to a museum. They all stood in front of a Mummy... read more
Words we use daily COLD=Chronic Obstructive Disease.JOKE=JOY of KIDS ENTERTAINMENT.AIM=Ambition in... read more
Kashmir After Pakistan and India got independence from British government, Muslims got united... read more
WHY? Why the life has become so boring?Why my personality has become so boring?Why doesn't... read more
TV Son: Mom can i watch TV? Mom: Yes but don't turn it on. read more
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