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Ayesha Irfan Khan (ayoush)

Ayesha Irfan Khan (ayoush)


Pisj , Jeddah

I am Ayesha Irfan Khan (Ayoush)


Ayesha Irfan Khan (ayoush)


2012 Aug 31st 1089 Views
Teacher: What’s the meaning of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder?Student: Bamba'lakkadi Jimba.Teacher: I don’t understand anything... read more
Sabeen - Nice    2017 Dec 28th
Ayesha - Aisha are you talking about my display picture?    2014 May 5th
AISHA - ya fatima    2014 Apr 13th


Ayesha Irfan Khan (ayoush)

Innocent Kid Student

2012 Sep 3rd 1017 Views
A new student came to the class. After asking his name the teacher said, “What does your father do?” Student: Whatever Mom says. read more
Shafia - 😄😄    2017 Feb 24th
Wafa - please accept my friend request fatima    2013 Oct 24th
Nimra - hahahaha.... :P    2013 Jun 10th
Ayesha Irfan Khan (ayoush)


2012 Aug 31st 1023 Views
The maths teacher asked Little Billy "If you have £20 and I ask you for £10 as a loan, how many pounds would you still have?""Twenty"... read more
Marwa - Excellent    2013 Jul 29th
Fatima - I agree with Emaan    2013 Mar 1st
LyeBa - Lolz:)))    2012 Sep 12th
Ayesha Irfan Khan (ayoush)

Number of sheeps

2010 Sep 7th 1342 Views
An actuary and a farmer were traveling by a train. When they passed a flock of sheep in a meadow, the actuary said: there are 1,248 sheep out there... read more
Ayesha - An actuary is a business professional who deals with the financial impact of...    2013 Jun 15th
Urwa - What is an actuary    2012 Dec 3rd
Ayesha - thanks hiba dear...!    2012 Sep 1st