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Marium Malik

Marium Malik


Pakistan International School , Riyadh

Hello and salam to all viewers. I am Marium Malik and I am from Lahore,Pakistan. But though I live in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh...


Marium Malik

Friendship is the real...

2010 Mar 18th 1306 Views
I have many friends. Their names are Zahra,Reem,Laiba,Manal,Manahil,Lamya and Rida.They are my true friends. We always have a lot of fun. In our... read more
Maida - hi iam maida i was so happy because when i send u a friend request i read ur...    2016 Mar 14th
Amna - dear i like your work accept my req plz honey will ya?    2013 Oct 11th
Anam - great i loved it    2013 Sep 28th
Marium Malik

Cheater boy

2010 Jan 29th 1428 Views
Once upon a time there was a boy named Asad who lived in the busy city. He studied in a big school. And every time when there was a test he would... read more
Zainab - superb    2017 Dec 22nd
Gul Noor - never, wafa. not to you anyways but dean ambrose......    2016 Jun 30th
Yashal - nice story    2016 Jan 23rd
Marium Malik

The Magical Dream

2010 Jan 28th 1321 Views
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lola. She lived in a small wooden cottage with cherry trees nearby. It was 9 o'clock and Lola was very... read more
Ayesha - Maria plz accept my friend request. Your story is great!    2017 May 25th
Wafa - gr8888 story    2016 Jan 21st
Samir - Nice Story!!!    2015 Jun 26th


Marium Malik

Oh Sweet!

2010 Mar 6th 1083 Views
Oh sweet cherry treeSweet sweet cherry treePlease bring me some sweet cherry muffinsAll whipped up with cream!Sweet sweet cherry muffins All whipped... read more
1 Person like this! - Duaa Amer

Duaa - marium! you are a poet anything else    2014 Jun 24th
Irtaza - Hello! once again commenting your story. But, you did not, plz.. comment mine...    2010 Feb 23rd


Marium Malik

Horse and the grass

2011 Feb 14th 1009 Views
A person was selling paintings. A woman stopped by to buy one. The man said i'd show you the most beautiful one! It's with the horse eating grass... read more
Sidra - marium which school in riyadh are studying in?    2012 Feb 21st
ROcKiNgUrL MInA - i dont think so it is a joke lolx.............    2011 Mar 18th
Ahmed - GUD JOKE    2011 Mar 10th
Marium Malik

Piece of Cake!

2010 Feb 12th 1567 Views
"Junaid!" said his teacher : "Why did you eat your homework?". Junaid replied: You said it was a piece of cake!        read more
Maida - i have read it b4 also in the vshine jokes    2016 Mar 20th
Tooba - nice joke    2014 May 12th
KHAN - nice 1    2014 Jan 12th
Marium Malik

What about...

2010 Jan 29th 1435 Views
A man tried to teach his son the days of the week. He brought 7 chicks for his child so he could name them Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday... read more
Muhaba - I so agree with Sajahir    May 18th
Muhammad - i like it    2017 Mar 21st
Muhammad - boring    2017 Mar 21st


Marium Malik

Eid Card

August 2011 2011 Aug 26th 1222 Views
Eid Card

Ruqiat - its so beautifull    2012 Apr 29th
Bint Waseem - mariyam plz reply me...plz!!    2011 Sep 27th
Bint Waseem - marium??????    2011 Sep 25th
Marium Malik

Flowers and a buttterfly

2011 Feb 22nd 902 Views
Flowers and a buttterfly
2 People Like this! - M@ry@m KhurshidPivak -e-safa

ROcKiNgUrL MInA - hmmmmmmm nyc.........    2011 Mar 21st
Ibrahim - good    2011 Mar 12th
Bint Waseem - welcs.    2011 Mar 4th
Marium Malik

My cartoon!

2011 Feb 22nd 963 Views
My cartoon!

M@ry@m - good job    2011 May 28th
ROcKiNgUrL MInA - lovely and gud try marium very nyc.......    2011 Mar 19th
Zahra - very nice!    2011 Mar 7th
Marium Malik

Alvin and the chipmunks

February 2011 2011 Feb 18th 1296 Views
Alvin and the chipmunks

Fatima - Wow its wonderful. And I    2017 Jul 3rd
Farha - plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz...    2011 Jul 9th
Farha - 0k m@rium tell me did y0u recieve the gift?????????...    2011 Jul 9th


Marium Malik

Do you know why tigers...

2011 Feb 15th 968 Views
Do you know or wonder why tigers are striped? Stop wondering I'll tell you. Tigers live in grassy areas in the orange grass. The colors of their... read more
2 People Like this! - Furqan AhmedBint Waseem Mughal

Furqan - It's an old information..... ;)    2011 Mar 22nd
Marium - sure :D    2011 Mar 5th
Ayesha - it's okeeeeeeeeeez....:)))))thnxx...and congrats to u tooo..:)can we be...    2011 Mar 4th
Marium Malik

Story of struggle

2010 Feb 3rd 937 Views
Long time ago Hindus and Muslims lived together in a country called "The Subcontinent". The Hindus wanted to make the Muslims their slaves but used... read more
Fatima - GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2012 Dec 25th
Fatima - GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2012 Dec 25th
Fatima - this article is very emotional! if you read more about history of Pakistan you...    2011 Dec 9th
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Beaconhouse School System Karachi
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C.C.S Lahore
Full Name
Marium Malik
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Pakistan International School
Hello and salam to all viewers. I am Marium Malik and I am from Lahore,Pakistan. But though I live in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh because of my father's job.My age is ten years old and I am in class 5. My birthday is on 2nd May. I love to draw and I really love to write stories and articles. I want to become an author because I already at the age of ten I am trying to write books. I also want my books to be informative for like to explain about the world. I also adore math and science which are the most interesting subjects for me. I have memorized Surah - Yaseen, Surah - Rahman and Surah- Al -Mulq. I am really fond of reading Enid Blyton's books. And I also read the Qura'n on daily basis. I am happy and Thank Allah for a life so good to be enjoyed! :) I would be glad if you want me to be your friend :) I will surely accept it but I would just like to know why it would not let me accept your friend requests. :) If it works soon, INSHALLAH I will be your friend. :) Thank you for viewing. And yes, The picture on my profile is mine. :)
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