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Ashna Ahmed

Ashna Ahmed


History lover.


Ashna Ahmed

FORCE 911 (Part 3)

2012 May 25th 984 Views
Alyss looked at the men in fear. That’s it, she thought, I’m done for now. Ready to give up and surrender, as the men came closer, a... read more
Hoora - plz add me as frnds    2013 Sep 6th
Hiba - lyk my stories...please    2013 Apr 14th
Momina - Ashna i also have lived in loads of different countries but i agree with you...    2012 Dec 30th
Ashna Ahmed

The dreams of a person

2012 Apr 8th 860 Views
Through the barbed wire I look at the people burning in fire Through the eyes that have seen too much Families suffer as I watch Beyond this place is... read more
Momina - no matter even if it did get posted in the wrong place it is awesome and...    2012 Dec 30th
Ashna - thanx    2012 Apr 11th
Fatima - like it    2012 Apr 9th
Ashna Ahmed

Trapped (part 2 of FORCE...

2012 Apr 8th 801 Views
“We don’t usually allow anyone except for our agents to reside in the headquarters of SPYFORCE”, said Mr Donnelly slowly... read more
1 Person like this! - Momina Bhatty

Momina - i am serious about this, and like actually. this is not to be taken as a joke...    2012 Dec 30th
Tooba - Awsome    2012 Oct 8th
Ashna - wow...i'm glad u guys all liked it. I had no idea my stories would be liked so...    2012 May 9th
Ashna Ahmed

Force 911

2012 Mar 15th 811 Views
Alyss stared gloomily at her bedroom wall. These summer holidays were so boring. There was nothing to do each day. She didn’t even want to surf... read more
Momina - really awesome dude i am re-viewing for the 2nd time 1st time was wen i was not...    2012 Dec 30th
Tooba - good    2012 Oct 8th


Ashna Ahmed

Beyond this place

2015 Mar 18th 659 Views
Through the barbed wireI look at the people burning in fireThrough the eyes that have seen too much Families suffer as I watch Beyond this... read more
Ashna Ahmed

Guantanamo Bay

2012 Apr 7th 930 Views
Kept in the darkness are detainees Echoing are their desperate pleas Driven mad by torture, inhumanity “Please…let me go…kill... read more
1 Person like this! - Fatima Qasim

Shahamah - it moved me to tears..    2012 Sep 21st
1 Comment
Ashna Ahmed

Where the real riches lay

2012 Mar 15th 799 Views
My mind lost In a world unknown to me I dreamt of gardens blooming riches I dreamt of children, their clothes torn I saw them beg and cry I saw... read more
1 Person like this! - Syeda Midhat
Ashna Ahmed

I wish...

2011 Jul 12th 914 Views
It was a clear winter's day A beautiful day in May I gazed around the open meadow And heard the bulls bellow The bees buzzed and buzzed around... read more
2 People Like this! - Junaid AkbarZainab Khan

Sidra - nycee..    2012 Feb 21st
Aamna - Nice poem    2011 Sep 17th
Zainab - nyc!! i lyk it !!!!!    2011 Aug 8th
Ashna Ahmed

A different story

2011 Jun 27th 924 Views
As I gaze into the cloudy sky I think of the pains that humanity has gone by Every cloud up there tells a story A story of pain, a story of... read more
2 People Like this! - Junaid AkbarZainab Khan

Zainab - gr8888888    2011 Aug 30th
Urooj - good >>>>>>>!!!!!    2011 Jul 4th
Ashna Ahmed

Smile is charity

2011 Jun 6th 983 Views
I saw boy in the street A poor little boy with dirty feet On his face, a look of hunger, a look of despair A look that said Don't you care Suddenly... read more
3 People Like this! - Amna KhanJunaid AkbarAshna Ahmed

Emaan - What a sweet poem    2012 Apr 1st
Junaid - awesommmmme...!    2012 Jan 21st
Zainab - awwww its heart melting!!!:( (lolllxxx am i being tooooooo emotional?)    2011 Aug 8th
Ashna Ahmed


2011 Jun 4th 939 Views
The sunburnt country that I live in Is a country rich with multiculturalism People from Russia, Greece and Afghanistan People from Spain, Bosnia... read more

Ashna - lollzzz.....    2012 Apr 5th
Emaan - austrailia is on my list for the vacations..........:D planning to meet you...    2012 Apr 1st
Yamna - nyc........    2011 Jun 14th
Ashna Ahmed

Living in the West

2011 May 27th 879 Views
TerroristsThe word I hearWhen people see me MuslimThe word spat out at meWhen people see me Have they forgotten?That their large... read more
1 Person like this! - Zainab Khan

Zainab - goood    2011 Aug 9th
Ashna - Thanx 4 commenting people:)    2011 Jun 18th
Shahamah - nice    2011 May 29th


Ashna Ahmed

The silly lady

2011 Jun 4th 1212 Views
There was once a lady who was very silly. One day a robber came to her house and stole her TV set. The silly lady ran after the robber saying "Hey!... read more
Hoora - Its a nice one :D plz add me as frnds and send me rqsts.    2013 Sep 6th
Maryam - good    2012 Oct 12th


Ashna Ahmed


2012 Apr 1st 902 Views
Often it is seen or heard that some people are 'smarter' than others. It the smartness a result of genetic inheritance or is it something that a... read more
1 Person like this! - Fatima Qasim

Hafsa - i guess its the way a person learns well, nice article!    2012 Jul 7th
Maryam - brilliant tOpiC.....And Yep....nice ArTicLE....=)    2012 Apr 8th
Urooj - yeah absultely it depands up0n us h0w v use 0ur inteligence...:)    2012 Apr 5th
Ashna Ahmed


2011 Jul 11th 917 Views
For many people reading is a way of escaping into their own world, a way to get away from all the noise and stress, away from quarrels and confusion... read more
1 Person like this! - Ayesha Saleem

Ayesha - n,    2012 Mar 26th
Azka - same here    2011 Sep 12th
Saniya - Nice article. Another thing is when you read a book you're imagination gets...    2011 Aug 2nd
Ashna Ahmed

The dua for his Ummah

2011 Jun 14th 1198 Views
Imagine a young boy of around 18 months. He is healthy and strong; a very playful child. Wherever he goes people smile at him and at his playful... read more
1 Person like this! - Tooba Raheel

Shahamah - SUBHANALLAH..    2012 Sep 21st
Aaiza - I completely agree to what you say.    2011 Jun 26th
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Ashna Ahmed

History lover.

Video games
Net surfing
Writing stories
Collecting coins
Stamp collecting
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