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Aaiza Sohail

Aaiza Sohail


Beaconhouse School System Wah Cantt

A.O.A I am Aaiza Sohail. I study in B.S.S Wah Cantt. I hope you will enjoy with me as my friend.


Aaiza Sohail

Glass painting

2011 Oct 22nd 769 Views
Glass painting
4 People Like this! - Rabia ShahidAiza MaryamJaveria AnisMariam Sohail

Soha - Wow.....! Beautiful.....    2013 Jan 30th
Aaiza - em...................actually i posted this comment from my sisters account.    2011 Oct 31st
Azka - I know i just accidentally posted it again    2011 Oct 31st
Aaiza Sohail

Glass painting

2011 Oct 14th 864 Views
Glass painting

Hiba - Beautiful!!!!!    2011 Nov 4th
Mariam - it is tremendous    2011 Oct 28th
Bint Waseem - thanx humna 4 tellin!! :)    2011 Oct 26th
Aaiza Sohail


2011 Aug 12th 734 Views

Mariam - what a bueaty    2011 Aug 16th
Aliza - so simple    2011 Aug 13th
Namra - Good    2011 Aug 12th
Aaiza Sohail

Parrot sketch

2011 Aug 12th 712 Views
Parrot sketch

Disenchanted. - so cute!!!    2011 Dec 22nd
Bareera - sweeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttt    2011 Sep 19th
Aliza - nyc nd simple    2011 Aug 13th
Aaiza Sohail

Oil painting

2011 Aug 10th 819 Views
Oil painting

Soha - I don't thing you have made it by yourself. Tell me have you made it by...    2012 Dec 8th
Maryam - awzM3    2012 Jan 4th
Bareera - gr8    2011 Sep 19th
Aaiza Sohail

Mickey Mouse

2011 Jun 27th 735 Views
Mickey Mouse

Noor-e- - plzz accept it    2013 May 11th
Azka - nice......sis!    2011 Jul 30th
Uswa - very nice! keep it up !    2011 Jul 29th

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Full Name
Aaiza Sohail
Pakistan, Punjab
Beaconhouse School System Wah Cantt
A.O.A I am Aaiza Sohail. I study in B.S.S Wah Cantt. I hope you will enjoy with me as my friend.
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