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Azka Sohail

Azka Sohail


Bssw , Wah Cantt.

AOA brothers n sisters, I am Azka sohail, a student of class 8th who simply loves science and wants to be a scientist one day...


Azka Sohail

Hues of Life

2012 Jul 13th 947 Views
The rollercoaster of life, I’m riding Waves of the desert I’m surfing Hang gliding in dilemmas Each and every second, I’m enjoying... read more
Laiba - marvellous.....really    2013 Feb 9th
Uswa - awesOme One!!    2012 Jul 15th
Azka Sohail

Life is hopeless at...

2012 Jan 31st 862 Views
Life is hopeless at times… Standing on the edge of the cliff, There’s nowhere to go One wrong step if I take, Into the water I will go... read more
Azka - tasbiha, itx great i read it on 31st, cool keep it up dear =)    2012 Feb 6th
Azka - yeah sure..    2012 Feb 6th
Fatima - thanx Azka read my poem also "technologies"    2012 Feb 5th
Azka Sohail

The great blessings of...

2011 Jun 22nd 3093 Views
The beautiful, fresh, scented flowers!And heavy, dense, rain showers!The strong, powerful blowing gale!And the swimming stunts of a whale!Our... read more
FIZZA - Hey Azka!!! I am also new please add me and please accept my friend my request.    2013 Jul 25th
Arouba - awesome n plz visit my screen too!    2013 Apr 27th
Nimra - azka plz accept my friend request i have send u it from soo long.....    2013 Feb 18th


Azka Sohail

Charcoal potrait

2012 Jan 11th 1034 Views
Charcoal potrait

Aliza - is this really made up from charcoal    2015 Nov 15th
Azka - thnxxx a lot guyxxx...    2012 Apr 5th
Bint Waseem - cool!!!!!    2012 Mar 20th
Azka Sohail

Eid Card

2011 Aug 13th 937 Views
Eid Card

Disenchanted. - gggoooooooooddddddddd!!    2011 Dec 22nd
Bint Waseem - NYC!    2011 Aug 19th
Saba - where is ur sign.??????/ well aliza its better dan cheating    2011 Aug 18th
Azka Sohail

Water colours

2011 Aug 6th 841 Views
Water colours
3 People Like this! - Arouba MalikL .TBint Waseem Mughal

Azka - well, as a matter of fact, I don't like it myself. Still, thanks for your...    2011 Aug 11th
Aaiza - It`s Nice, sis!    2011 Aug 8th
Maham - beautiful, i think.    2011 Aug 7th
Azka Sohail

Fabric painting

2011 Jun 22nd 1239 Views
Fabric painting

Areeqa - wow! no words to describe it gurl! I think ul be a famous n best artist of the...    2013 May 2nd
Arouba - really attractive!!    2013 Apr 27th
Aasiya - o.m.g wat a beautiful painting!    2013 Mar 23rd
Azka Sohail

Shon Frost Inazuma Eleven

2011 May 16th 1304 Views