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Armeen Ahmed

Armeen Ahmed


I am me.


Armeen Ahmed

A View

2014 Jun 12th 740 Views
Sitting in the backseat. Just like any person would. I looked out of the window. What I saw was a view I’ll remember, for a long time. It was... read more

Eman - do u people know midhat of gr 6    2015 May 27th
Armeen - Err no KIK :P I dun like that thing :D    2014 Aug 10th
Fatima - Hey!! Sorry for the late reply. I'm not on on twitter OR tumblr but I am on...    2014 Jul 25th


Armeen Ahmed


2014 Jun 28th 746 Views
Sometimes,Nope.Many a timesI am out of wordsSeems like,There is nothing to write.Absolute blanknessI stare out in utter darkness!It’s a strange... read more
2 People Like this! - Sunshine BlueQurat - Ul - Ain Aamir

Anonymous - Your vocabulary is outstanding!    2014 Jul 24th
Armeen - Thank you faryal and rida :') not been active lately. So just found time to...    2014 Jul 15th
Rida - wow i cant belive you................    2014 Jul 13th
Armeen Ahmed


2014 Jun 27th 655 Views
Alone I stand,Looking at a distance.Lost in thoughts,Believing for onceIts worth.I keep wondering,Where is everyone.In time I realize.I am all... read more
1 Person like this! - Qurat - Ul - Ain Aamir

Armeen - Thank you so much :)    2014 Jun 28th
Qurat - Ul - Ain - Beautifully written!    2014 Jun 27th
Armeen Ahmed


2014 Jun 19th 609 Views
Late at night,I entered my balcony.To feel the enchanting of,The breeze and skies.The moonlight which shadowed trees.I asked myself the purposeAs to... read more