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Aqsa Hussain

Aqsa Hussain


Aes School For Girls , Karachi

I am aqsa hussain i am in 8th grade n I'm 13yrs :)


Aqsa Hussain

What are an idiot and...

2012 May 25th 1253 Views
There was a boy who asked many questions. One day his elder sister broke a flower vase and her mother scolded her Mother: You idiot see what you have... read more
Noor - areeba i want to ask u a question . u r in lgs .u r in grade 6 .my cousin aqsa...    2013 Jul 27th
Takreem - v.v.v.good    2013 Jul 4th
Areeba - hahahaha niceeeeee    2013 Jun 9th

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Full Name
Aqsa Hussain
Pakistan, Sindh, Karachi
Aes School For Girls

I am aqsa hussain i am in 8th grade n I'm 13yrs :)

Board games
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Writing stories
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