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Areeqa Hayee

Areeqa Hayee


The City School Kapco Chapter Kot Addu Pakistan , Kotaddu

I am areeqa hayee


Areeqa Hayee

Cute fairytale

2013 Feb 9th 1707 Views
Once upon a time there was a girl called Lia. She was a little girl who had no parents or family. She used to work as a servant in people's house and... read more
Zainab - awesome but short.but it's ok    Jan 2nd
Areeqa - thanx    2014 Jun 12th
Areeqa - thanx    2014 Jun 12th


Areeqa Hayee

My birthday party

2014 Jun 12th 693 Views
It was 18th of JulyEveryone was busy I wondered why?Although my cry was loudbut to enter the lounge i wasn’t allowed.On 6 O'clockOn the door... read more
Rida - NyC!!!    2014 Nov 15th
Areeqa - thanku meerb..:D    2014 Nov 1st
Meerab Amin - yar kiya kamal likha hai    2014 Oct 16th
Areeqa Hayee


2014 Mar 5th 713 Views
Spring is herebirds are flying here and thereThe sky is covered with kitespeople are having fruit bitesSmell of exotic flowersjoyful water... read more
3 People Like this! - Rida FatimahZainab AsharAreeqa Hayee

Areeqa - thanku :)    2014 Nov 29th
Meerab Amin - areeqa excellent work u have done !!!!! :D happy to see :)    2014 Nov 17th
Areeqa - thanx..    2014 Jun 27th
Areeqa Hayee

My parents

2014 Mar 5th 651 Views
You guide me towards the precise wayEncourage and assist me everydayYou are the one who adores meand protect me form the dangerous beeU struggle to... read more
2 People Like this! - Rida FatimahAreeqa Hayee

Areeqa - thanks.    2014 Nov 29th
Rabab - i agree with all of you    2014 Nov 17th
Meerab Amin - areeqa yar excellent again    2014 Nov 17th
Areeqa Hayee

What’s in a name?

2013 Apr 5th 698 Views
That embarrassing moment for Davey,When he was being taunted by the bully,Where he was? In the playgroundand could be seen by the whole school.What... read more
4 People Like this! - RAFIA ChLyeBa KhanSana HumayunAreeqa Hayee

Areeqa - meerab mera dil garden garden ho gia..:D    2014 Nov 29th
Meerab Amin - great cheers up for areeqa    2014 Nov 17th
Areeqa - thanx laiba! :D    2013 Sep 4th


Areeqa Hayee

Beautiful scene!

2013 Feb 23rd 961 Views