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Areeba Nadeem

Areeba Nadeem


Divisional Public School , Samundri

ASSLAM O ALAIKUM 🙋☺everyone. My name is Areeba Nadeem. I study in Divisional Public School 🏤🏤in grade 8th. I am a...

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Full Name
Areeba Nadeem
Pakistan, punjab, Samundri
Divisional Public School

ASSLAM O ALAIKUM 🙋☺everyone. My name is Areeba Nadeem. I study in Divisional Public School 🏤🏤in grade 8th. I am a Pakistani and I love Pakistan and I wish to help my country to progress by leaps and bounds👈👈👈 (InshAllah). I am a good girl(according to me)😊. I am also good at studies📖📔📖. English is my favorite subject of all. I love English💕. I love to travel🗼🗻. I am an adventurous girl🏇🏂. I am very good at sports🎾⚾🏀🏁. I always get position🏆 in sports with the help of Allah. My creative writing ✒✏✒is also good. I secured second position in Essay 📖Writing competetion and second position in inter schools 400 meters race🏃. When I grow up👱 I want to adopt many professions such as ,pilot , mountain climber , political leader , scientist etc. And I love to make friends. NOW BYE and thanks for opening my screen. Take care,👅👅👅 ALLAH HAFIZ. Please add me as a friend 🙆👭

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Net surfing
Writing stories
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