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Syeda Tahira Iqbal

Syeda Tahira Iqbal


Ibn Seena English High School , Dubai

i am syeda tahira iqbal. i live in dubai. i hope that someday i become a doctor. i even write poems my best poems are posted on...


Syeda Tahira Iqbal

The man who wouldn’t

2013 Mar 21st 771 Views
We all have heard about laziness and carelessness but this story is different. This story is about a young man who would do nothing on time. His name... read more
2 People Like this! - Gullasht NadeemRabia Shahid

Jasmine - unique and different sending u a request please accept    2015 Oct 16th
Jasmine - unique and different sending u a request please accept    2015 Oct 16th
Anam - great story true story!!!!!    2013 Oct 1st
Syeda Tahira Iqbal

Remember your manners

2011 Jun 13th 926 Views
Once there was an adorable boy namely known as harry but his real name was Harris. He was a young 10 year old boy who was very intelligent in studies... read more
Zainab - nice 1    Feb 1st
Syeda Tahira - and for your kind info abdur rehamen i won for the story competition right here...    2012 Jul 20th
Areeba - Tahira you have done a good job!Ignore Momina,Bareera,Abdur-rahman actually...    2012 Jan 6th
Syeda Tahira Iqbal

Hide and seek

April 2011 2011 Apr 17th 1185 Views
Once there were two brothers. Ahmed the intelligent one and Ali who was really lazy. Once these brothers were invited for a birthday party. There... read more
Zainab - NICE    Jan 24th
Syeda Tahira - thanks everyone for your wonderful comments you do not know how much it made me...    2012 Nov 16th
Zoya - what did you get after you became a winner    2012 Jul 15th


Syeda Tahira Iqbal


2013 Mar 29th 782 Views
I wandered lonely as a cloud and came upon a sheet of red it had patches of blue green n brown with a stitch of yellow and red i rained upon it as I... read more

Rabia - you have written a beautiful poem seriously    2013 Mar 30th
1 Comment
Syeda Tahira Iqbal


2013 Mar 28th 892 Views
Why wind, here u blow?Down in the valleys daffodils grow,Dancing in the soft breeze,Whispering under the orange heat,Moving there lush green... read more
Syeda Tahira Iqbal

The reality of the Day...

2011 Nov 4th 1070 Views
When the sun will rise from the west and will be folded within the sky,And then we will have forty years to live that time the people will cry,Then... read more
Daniyal - this poem is out of the world[means gud]    2012 Nov 16th
Syeda Tahira - thank u alina    2011 Dec 21st
Alina - I love this poem....Because it explains the reality in simple words in the form...    2011 Dec 19th
Syeda Tahira Iqbal

Ice Cream

November 2011 2011 Nov 4th 1311 Views
The cone of crispy biscuit, With sweet vanilla filling on top, The hot chocolate melting on it, With a lick I am swirling in magic, A tingling... read more
Abeera - nice one    2014 Aug 7th
Daniyal - which flavour u like the most    2012 Nov 16th
Syeda Tahira - thnks every1 seriously your comments added more sugar to my ice cream    2012 Nov 16th
Syeda Tahira Iqbal

Rainbow magic

2011 Jun 28th 1023 Views
Violet, indigo, blue and greenAre all the colours I seeSo brightSo cleanHow can I fleeAll royal colours in the rainbow shimmering like magicAll... read more
1 Person like this! - Bint Waseem Mughal

Bint Waseem - nyc!!!    2011 Sep 6th
Urooj - nyc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!like it    2011 Jul 2nd
Syeda Tahira Iqbal

My pen

2011 Jun 28th 765 Views
I have a pen it cost me tenIt was made near Big BenIt is a beautyOn its face there is written tweetyIt always shinesThe pen is fineI wish you... read more
1 Person like this! - Bint Waseem Mughal

Bint Waseem - gud!    2011 Sep 6th
Urooj - nyccc!    2011 Jul 4th
Syeda Tahira Iqbal


2011 Jun 20th 896 Views
When I look at my mother I feel the heat,The warmth the safety and the peace,She is like the shimmering star in the darkness of night.And the golden... read more
1 Person like this! - Bint Waseem Mughal

Bint Waseem - gud!    2011 Sep 6th
Syeda Tahira - i do not study in agha khan school i am actually in UAE and my school name is...    2011 Jun 28th
Urooj - u study in sms aga khan school wajiha me too tell me your class?hmmmn    2011 Jun 22nd
Syeda Tahira Iqbal

Stars of my imagination

2011 Apr 19th 859 Views
The stars I see buzz like a bee The shooting stars are like bullets firing in a war They twinkle as fast as a racing sports car The stars I see are... read more
Syed Saad - wooooooooooooooow! beautiful poem. keep up your good work.may allah bless you...    2011 Jun 4th
1 Comment


Syeda Tahira Iqbal

Earth Day

2012 Mar 31st 760 Views
Earth Day
3 People Like this! - Syeda MidhatAiman Akhtar Fatima Qasim

Syeda Tahira - thanks    2012 Jul 16th
Aiman - Yea ... I like the Earth A LOT in your drawing :P ..    2012 Apr 17th
Fatima - lovely earth!!    2012 Apr 9th


Syeda Tahira Iqbal

Are women weaker than...

2012 Jan 29th 795 Views
No, women are not weaker than men. How many letters a women word has 5 and the word men 3. If women are given a chance she can do many things now... read more

Jawwad - u hv done a good job but the last line is against ur opinion do think about it    2012 Feb 4th
Aisha - Nice article..yeah i agree with urooj...the last line doesn't seems to agree...    2012 Jan 31st
Urooj - its really a nyc article........1 p0int i didnt agree with u in last when u...    2012 Jan 31st
Syeda Tahira Iqbal

Some ways to get back...

2011 Oct 14th 854 Views
Some children in school have fights with there best friend and break up. Now this usually happens on small matters.For example I had a fight with my... read more
1 Person like this! - Syed Saad Iqbal

AFNAN - nyc 1!!    2011 Dec 13th
Javaria - niceeeeeeeee    2011 Oct 28th
Hadia - nyc    2011 Oct 16th
Syeda Tahira Iqbal


2011 Oct 4th 1014 Views
Zainab - my favorite colour is......................... hmm.......... ok , pink...    Feb 1st
Sirena - Mine -I guess- are BLUE AND MAROON! and sometimes....PINK!    2014 Jan 9th
Munkashay - Ummm.... look I am not boasting, but mine are pink and green!    2013 Dec 16th
Syeda Tahira Iqbal

Eid day fun

2011 Aug 29th 1056 Views
Eid, this day is cheerful for some and sad for others.... Now why sad for some that is why because you all know about the crisis in Pakistan and... read more
Syeda Tahira - I WOULD LIKE TO WIN I HAVE NEVER WON    2011 Sep 14th
Aamna - Nice article.    2011 Sep 13th
Fatema - Cute...!?!    2011 Sep 12th
Syeda Tahira Iqbal

Homework and studies a...

2011 Jul 9th 848 Views
'' Homework not again! '' is usually what we hear from classroom but it has advantages not one but many . I agree with you, homework is dreadful and... read more
1 Person like this! - Bint Waseem Mughal

Bint Waseem - nyc!    2011 Sep 6th
Alina - A nice discussion topic =}    2011 Jul 9th
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Full Name
Syeda Tahira Iqbal
Pakistan, u a e , Dubai
Ibn Seena English High School

i am syeda tahira iqbal. i live in dubai. i hope that someday i become a doctor. i even write poems my best poems are posted on AWAMI WEB day of judgment was very famous and i even like sketching but it is mostly of places than people. my some poems are lame as those are my first poems i ever wrote. thi is me signing off hoping everyone is safe and healthy allahafiz:D i even like to interiour design.................

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Alien Friend It was night; Rafay was sleeping on his bed. Suddenly he heard a horrible noise. It was... read more
The Rainbow There was a little boy who loved the rain.He danced in the drops as they landed on her... read more
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