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Anam Abbasi

Anam Abbasi


Roots International School , Wah Cantt

I am Anam Abbasi.I study in Roots International School Wah in Grade6.I love reading stories and writing stories ,speeches and...


Anam Abbasi


November 2014 2015 Apr 1st 892 Views
It was Wednesday, my cousin's birthday. Dadi had just come back from her dialysis. Usually, she was so weak that she couldn't even get up. But on... read more
Zainab - AMEEN.    Jun 13th
Yashfeen - Ameen    2017 Apr 6th
Sajahir - AMEEN!    2016 Nov 30th
Anam Abbasi

The Taste of Death

2015 Mar 30th 857 Views
I know and agree that I don't know anything about death. This story is just for entertainment.It was a VERY hot Sunday afternoon. I was getting very... read more
Sajahir - you are right smoking kills    2016 Oct 6th
Irza - GRT STORY!!!! yuppp SMOKING KILLS.....    2015 Nov 20th
Wania - Are you happy with the comments    2015 Sep 24th
Anam Abbasi

No Excuses for Namaz!

2013 Oct 30th 1088 Views
It was a rainy day, and nobody was in the Mosque, except Amir. He was a small boy who thought that without Namaz, his life was incomplete. Suddenly... read more
Ayesha - MASHALLAH anam ur sense of humor aahhh!!!!    2015 Apr 11th
Alishba Junaid Ahemadani - Very nice and pls accept my friend ship request    2015 Feb 20th
Saniyah - good 1    2014 Sep 11th
Anam Abbasi

The Mystery Vacation

September 2013 2013 Sep 13th 1089 Views
Sara, Farah, Maryam and Sana were four friends. They went to school together, worked together and played together. Whenever it was Summer Vacations... read more
Anam - AOA...sense of humour Amna? Haha! thanks,and btw anyone can write stories. just...    2015 Apr 14th
Ayesha - wonderful job anam you have a good sense of humour and congratulation dear good...    2015 Apr 11th
Tooba - awesome    2014 May 11th


Anam Abbasi

Eid Is The Best

2013 Sep 29th 942 Views
I love EidIt is a very special day for meWe buy new clothesAnd can play on the roadsThe goats' sacrificeWill be a very specialMoment of my life. read more
Ayesha - nice one    2015 Apr 11th
Anam - thanks    2013 Oct 1st
Arwa - Nyc and Eid ul Azha Mubarak in advance:) :) :)    2013 Sep 30th
Anam Abbasi

Rainy Days

2013 Sep 24th 863 Views
Sitting alone under a treeWaiting for the rain to set me freePlaying outside is lots of funBut when the rain pours downI'm left with none! read more
Nimra - gudd 1 dear anam keep it up..!!! well i wnt 2 be ur friend so send me a request...    2013 Oct 14th
Anam - it's raining sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fast here in wahcantt the best city...    2013 Sep 28th
Rafia - HEY! I LOVED UR POEM :)    2013 Sep 27th
Anam Abbasi


2013 Sep 24th 942 Views
In my eyes I seeA world full of green treesWhy are we destroying this wonderful life?Surely we know it's a wonderful sightSo from now on we will not... read more
Ayesha - awesome anam !!!!    2015 Apr 11th
Rafia - no need of thnx dear :) nd well I LOVE NATURE :)    2013 Sep 27th
Anam - thnxxxxxx    2013 Sep 26th