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Aneesa Masood

Aneesa Masood


International School Of Myanmar , Yangon

I am Aneesa Masood


Aneesa Masood

Friendship (acrostic...

2014 Jun 19th 1017 Views
Friends are all you need!Right there next to you is where they sitIf you went through hard time,Entertain you is there jobNever will they ever hurt... read more
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Aneesa Masood

My eyes

2014 Apr 5th 697 Views
I start my day by opening my dizzy eyesMy eyes show me the chilled, breezing morning,fresh thundering rain,the bloomy spring leaves,and the clouds of... read more


Aneesa Masood


2015 Apr 20th 805 Views
A girl who was just learning to drive went down a one-way street in the wrong direction, but didn't break the law.How come?Paul's height is six feet... read more
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Fatima - First she was walking    2017 Jun 3rd
Zinnia - cant understand    2017 Jan 4th
Berha - the first one was the girl wasn't driving she was walking, she was learning but...    2016 Jun 7th
Aneesa Masood


2013 Oct 30th 958 Views
What kind of clothing can you make out of banana peel?What comes in every minute, twice in every moment , but not once in a thousand years? read more
Aneesa - the first answer is slippers and the second answer is the letter M    2015 Apr 26th
Berha - ans number 2 is the letter E    2015 Jan 22nd
Tooba - 1.This answer is the letter M. 2.i think a skirt or frock    2014 May 21st