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Aiza Iqbal

Aiza Iqbal


Pakistan International School , Al Khobar

Hi I am aiza.welcome to my screen.I study in 7thh grade in Pakistan international school,al khobar.I am 9years old.I always get...


Aiza Iqbal

The woodcutter and the...

2016 Nov 22nd 226 Views
Once a woodcutter lived in a forest with his wife and blind mother.The woodcutter was very poor however,he was happy.He was kind and hardworking.He... read more
Anna - your welcome aiza. By the way my name is Anna. :)    Jan 8th
Aiza - Thanks amna    2016 Dec 30th
Anna - nice story :D    2016 Dec 28th
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Full Name
Aiza Iqbal
Saudi Arabia, Al Khobar
Pakistan International School

Hi I am aiza.welcome to my screen.I study in 7thh grade in Pakistan international school,al khobar.I am 9years old.I always get 2nd or 1st position in class.I love reading books and writing stories.I love to make friends so plz send me friend request.THANKS for viewing my screen.Goodbye.

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