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Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui

Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui


Arab Unity School, Uae , Sharjah

I'm 14 and was born on 14th Feb. I study in Arab Unity School and am interested in writing poems. Also ,I'm really proud to be a...


Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui

Life in the UAE

May 2012 2012 May 1st 1406 Views
I've been living in the UAE for 13 years This is the country where you shouldn’t have any fears Of forgery or robbery Because it has the... read more
Qurratul - congrates!**    2014 May 12th
Hafsa - i live in umm al quwain    2014 Jan 27th
Hafsa - hi . ayesha do u live in uae me too.    2014 Jan 27th
Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui

My Ambitions...

2012 Apr 30th 743 Views
A doctor I would like to be I'll cure my patients daily Different medicines I'll prescribe And so save many a person's life Or even a pilot would do... read more
2 People Like this! - Taibah AhsonLyeBa Khan

Qurratul - congrates!**    2014 May 12th
Princess Hajra - it is nice that you got 1st position in ur school. it was very nice.    2012 Jun 5th
Ayesha Farhan - This poem got me first prize in the Poetry Competition held in our school.    2012 May 23rd
Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui

A tip for everyone!

2011 Jun 4th 837 Views
Never retreat...Always be on your feet...And keep going forward till the end... read more
Nazish - gudy gud yaar.    2014 Jan 3rd
Zoe - nyc 1!!!!!!!!!!!!    2011 Dec 6th
Humaira - nice girl    2011 Nov 2nd
Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui

The Evening...

2011 Apr 21st 893 Views
The evening's of such comfort The chirping of birds could be heard The warm air touches my face It's the best time to sit and gaze The sun makes... read more
Bint Waseem - gud!!!!!    2011 Aug 4th
1 Comment
Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui

Don't you prefer a...

2011 Apr 21st 970 Views
Protecting Mother Nature is our dutyWe should protect it and reserve its beautyThe environment in which we work and play everydayIs which we pollute... read more
Bint Waseem - tremendous!    2011 Aug 4th
1 Comment
Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui

The Last Day...

2011 Mar 25th 981 Views
Yaum-al-Akhira, the Last DayYaum-al-Akhira, the FinalThe righteous will get what they deserveFor them Paradise will be preservedThey will have grand... read more
Nazish - superb n really true poem.    2014 Jan 3rd
Tazeen - are write..ayesha I appreciated you tooo have a wonder ful job...    2012 Jun 8th
Ayesha Farhan - Thanks 4 commenting guys...    2011 May 17th
Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui

Perfect Scenery

2011 Mar 22nd 884 Views
We make our way through the grassAs the clouds above us pass byAnd the birds around, chirp and flyThe sun and grass blaze like fireAs the scene we... read more
Bint Waseem - dats wht frnds r 4.....r8?    2011 Aug 4th
Ayesha Farhan - Ur comments really encourage me to keep writing!    2011 May 17th
Mariam - well done Ayesha. It is a wonderful poem. keep it up. Not bad for a 8th grade...    2011 May 16th
Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui

Khadijah (R.A)

2011 Mar 22nd 1082 Views
When there was no one on your sideAnd to spread Islam you strivedKhadijah (R.A) believed in youShe helped you increase Muslims, when there were... read more
Zoe - amazing...........keep it up    2011 Dec 10th
Mariam - a fabulous poem isn't it    2011 May 16th
Maryam - nysh.....hey guys my youngest sis name is also khadija...    2011 Mar 24th
Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui

Naughty John

2011 Jan 17th 966 Views
Naughty JohnNaughty John leaves the tap water onNaughty John destroys the lawnHis mom shouts at him, "Naughty John, what is wrong?"Naughty John for... read more
Bint Waseem - nyc...gud job!!!!!!!    2011 Aug 4th
1 Comment


Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui

The Donkey

2011 May 20th 1251 Views
Once there were two robbers, stealing a man's donkey. The man saw them and said, "Return my donkey or else I will do what my father did." The robbers... read more
3 People Like this! - Hoora AhsonLyeBa KhanObaid Rahman

LyeBa - Gud 1......!    2012 Dec 11th
Maryam - good it made me laugh    2012 Oct 12th
Bint Waseem - gud one!    2011 Aug 4th
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Full Name
Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui
United Arab Emirates, Maysaloon, Sharjah, Sharjah
Arab Unity School, Uae

I'm 14 and was born on 14th Feb. I study in Arab Unity School and am interested in writing poems. Also ,I'm really proud to be a member of Vshine. I live in the UAE but I'm actually from Karachi. Allah has blessed me with the talent of writing poems and quite a lot of my poems have been published on the website. I also used to send articles in the local paper, which were usually published (not that I'm bragging!)but nowadays I'm so out of the habit. What I really love, and never get tired of is reading!

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