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Ali Aleem

Ali Aleem


St Anthony's High School , Lahore

AoAMy name is Muhammad Ali Barlas and I am a boy who was born on 2002 July 1st. I am currently studying in class 8th (white). I...


Ali Aleem

Dream (Last Part)

2012 Jul 31st 962 Views
I thought of XLR8, transformed into him, and ran to bathroom but stopped short because the other cat had started some sort of portal and I was sucked... read more
Ashra - good    2014 May 2nd
Muhammad Saad - good but i didnt expect it after such a spectacular first part    2014 Mar 19th
Ali - Do you know who called me Aleem bhai wakie wakie BLAH it was my LITTLE SIS BYE...    2013 Nov 20th
Ali Aleem


2012 May 25th 1173 Views
One day I was returning from a shop and I was entering the room when suddenly two cats jumped in (I was surprised because I didn’t see the cats... read more
Ashra - ali my brother also read in gulburg collage    2014 May 2nd
Ali - Hey everyone now listen carefully to me i have something important to you know...    2013 Nov 20th
Marwa - Nice story @Esha you should answer Ali Bhai's question    2013 Jul 30th
Ali Aleem

My Wonderful Brother

2012 Mar 21st 974 Views
My brother, whose name was Ramooz Alam Bukhari and nickname Roomi, was the best man I ever knew. He was sooooo kind that it can never be told in... read more
Ali - Yeah i know it is    2013 Nov 20th
S.M. - yar yur prof.pic is awesome    2013 Nov 16th
Rammaz - He is Shaheed, not killed my dear. And his brain death was declared on 14th...    2013 Oct 8th
Ali Aleem

Dogs, Cats and Mice

2012 Jan 5th 1009 Views
Once upon a time there was a king and queen of dogs and also a king and queen of cats. One day they declared war on each other. The war lasted for a... read more
Ali - That story is copeid    2013 Nov 20th
Anam - wowww but whyyyyy are you fighting?????    2013 Sep 21st
Fatima - wowww and i agree with urwa    2013 Feb 16th


Ali Aleem


2013 Aug 2nd 941 Views
How do skeletons talk to someone faraway?Which animal can jump higher than a house?Answer in comments read more
2 People Like this! - Ashra AmeenLaibah Basham

Sofia - skeletons can talk    2013 Oct 7th
Sofia - ummm nice riddles but confused ones but let me work them out see Q1,it has a...    2013 Oct 7th
Irum - I homeschool too    2013 Sep 8th
Ali Aleem


2012 Jul 30th 816 Views
I have a doctor doll; can anyone tell me what it operates on? read more
3 People Like this! - Ashra AmeenMaRyAm KhAnAli Aleem

Fatima - battery    2013 Jan 10th
Raniah - battery....    2012 Sep 1st
Aisha - I know it coz every doll operates on battery or cell........It's obvious.....    2012 Aug 7th
Ali Aleem


2012 Jul 13th 927 Views
A man to his son (who had just given the exams of metric) Son, if you pass in your exams and go to college, then I would buy you a Honda CD-70 bike... read more
Berha - Eh... not bad............    2017 May 4th
Nazish - gudy gud:-)    2013 Dec 15th
Arouba - not so funny but it managed to bring a small smile on my face XP .. better luck...    2013 Nov 25th
Ali Aleem


2011 Nov 2nd 1137 Views
Can anybody tell me where do mummies go for swimming? read more
Ali - You're all guessing right guys.    2012 Jul 18th
Raniah - Deadsea    2012 Jul 1st
Momina - dead sea    2012 May 29th
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Full Name
Ali Aleem
Pakistan, Punjab, Lahore
St Anthony's High School

AoAMy name is Muhammad Ali Barlas and I am a boy who was born on 2002 July 1st. I am currently studying in class 8th (white). I have 1 sibling who is my younger sister and a lot of cousins. I love to play video games such as ps2 games and third person shooter games on my pc. I am fat, not handsome, so dont get your hopes up of getting a handsome boy. But I am quite generous, kind-hearted and forgiving and a very responsible boy. Well, thats all you'll need to know about me.Yours sincerely,M. Ali Barlas.

Video games
Tv watching
Toy collecting
Board games
Indoor games
Net surfing
Writing stories
Collecting coins
Stamp collecting
Dream (Last Part) I thought of XLR8, transformed into him, and ran to bathroom but stopped short because... read more
Sand and stone A story tells that two friends were walking through the desert. During some point of the... read more
Riddle I have a doctor doll; can anyone tell me what it operates on? read more
Bikes A man to his son (who had just given the exams of metric) Son, if you pass in your exams... read more
School Jokes How did the Vikings send secret messages? By Norse code!   Teacher: What's 2 and 2?... read more
Dream One day I was returning from a shop and I was entering the room when suddenly two cats... read more
Two feet... Teacher:You've got your shoes on wrong feet. Pupil:But these are the only feet I've got. read more
Forgot Ali: Why are you jumping up and down?Mustafa: I took some medicine but forgot to shake... read more
Big hands!! Teacher: If I had seven oranges in one hand and eight in the other hand. What would I... read more
Cyclist and police Police: STOP! Your cycle doesn’t have a light in itCyclist: Get aside! There are no... read more
A scary joke Once in there was an old man who was selling books at night. The night was horrible. It... read more
The Bad Night for Me Once upon a time, there was a stormy night in the village. I was sitting on the sofa and... read more
Second Son Mr Adnan had one son. He has actually two sons but his one son was lost when they were... read more
A tasty invention One bright early morning, after Fajr, I was hungry (as usual!). I tiptoed into the... read more
The Cruel Aunts Once there was a little boy named John. His parents had died and he lives with his two... read more
Two friends Amna was a fine girl of 13 years whose parents love her very much. She was their only... read more
The story of a pencil..!! A boy was watching his grandmother write a letter. At one point, he asked:'Are you... read more
Sana's Carelessness One evening, Sana was thinking that if she had the new SAMSUNG NOTE 2, instead of her... read more
The case of the missing girl (final part) Chris Stephen called the police and few of his trusted detective friends and explained... read more
The case of the missing girl (part 3) Stephen looked at the gang photo and saw that the woman Elizabeth in the photo had the... read more
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