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Ayesha Nisar

Ayesha Nisar


Saba High School , Karachi

i am ayesha


Ayesha Nisar

Letter to brother

2011 Aug 23rd 1302 Views
Mum: what are you doing son?Boy: writing my brother a letterMum: that is a lovely idea dear but you are writing so slowly?Boy: he can't read so... read more
Pariwish - good    2016 Nov 10th
Maria - it's a good but old one.    2012 Jun 3rd
Haniya - I AM YOUR CLASS FELLOW    2011 Dec 29th

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s.m public academy 1 karachi
Full Name
Ayesha Nisar
Pakistan, sindh, Karachi
Saba High School
i am ayesha
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