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M.e.s Indian School-doha,qatar , Doha

Hi!! I am Aafiya shaikh.I 'STUDY' in M.E.S INDIAN SCHOOL,doha qatar.I am an indian, but hate 2 b one.I live in Qatar n love it...


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A Sunny Day

2012 Feb 6th 733 Views
Here's a wonderful sunny dayFun and laughter, run and playSudden lightening and thunderDriving out laughterSnatching our funAs we run.The cars splash... read more
Tooba - nice poem and by the way aafia your name is of muslims so can you be indian    2014 Apr 29th
@@F!y@ - well actually dis isnt me .dis is my younger bro with photo edited thnx evry...    2012 Feb 9th
Ahmed - is it ur pic    2012 Feb 9th


@@f!y@ $h@!l<h

The Family Tradition

2012 Mar 23rd 898 Views
Teacher: Ramu you talk a lot! Ramu: It’s a family tradition. Teacher: What do you mean? Ramu: Teacher, my grandpa was a street hawker, my... read more
1 Person like this! - Tooba Fatima

Tooba - please change your profile pic its horrible looking    2014 May 10th
Mathilda - nice but your pic will gimme nighmares!!!    2012 Nov 14th
Emaan - Hahaha its true,Moms talk alot :)    2012 May 25th
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Sr-1 Kot Addu
Full Name
@@f!y@ $h@!l
Qatar, Doha
M.e.s Indian School-doha,qatar

Hi!! I am Aafiya shaikh.I 'STUDY' in M.E.S INDIAN SCHOOL,doha qatar.I am an indian, but hate 2 b one.I live in Qatar n love it more than india.N ya by da way my profile picture is not mine its my bro's which is edited.1 more thingi luv football more than me. Dats not all,i am a football player too:P .aha i HATE criket like hell.u see i dont even know how to spell it.

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