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Disenchanted. Xx

Disenchanted. Xx


, Houston

I'm a Sophomore.


Disenchanted. Xx

The last days in...

2012 Aug 17th 2023 Views
Hi guys! I want to share with you guys the last days I spent in Sherwood. I am leaving the school after 8 years in fact I am leaving UAE and shifting... read more
Hamdah Wasif - sooooo coooooooooooool!    2016 Feb 29th
Hamdah Wasif - i have sent u a friend request if u want me to be ur friend so plz accept it.    2016 Jan 15th
Ayesha - phewww !! i read all de 276 comments LLN ! wel just say i liked dat gr8 moment...    2015 May 24th
Disenchanted. Xx

Millions of...

2012 Jul 13th 885 Views
I was walking on the seaside and suddenly I saw so many footsteps they were of........... A strange creature that I didn't figure it out so I decided... read more
Disenchanted. - thank you nazish n amna...=)    2014 Jan 24th
Nazish - awesome n amazing yaar.    2014 Jan 2nd
Amna - nice and nicely writen    2013 Oct 6th


Disenchanted. Xx

The words I couldn't...

2012 Jul 13th 742 Views
The words I couldn't say Might have shown me the right way But now I wonder How the time has flown Things have blown But now the night has flown... read more
Emaan - Amira my brother can't be fine mentally. He will always stay like that and I...    2012 Oct 4th
Amna - Really nice.......    2012 Sep 26th
Disenchanted. - Emaan don't take it 2 your heart....If she broke FRIENDSHIP becuz of that then...    2012 Sep 16th
Disenchanted. Xx

I'll always be...

2012 Mar 21st 738 Views
I’ll always be there To wipe your tears, To comfort   your fears I’ll always be your best friend Till the End Till the moon has... read more
Eesha - Woooooooww!!!U NAILED it girl....    2013 Jul 25th
Disenchanted. - thanx    2013 Feb 4th
Tooba - FANTASTIC WRK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GUD JAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY...    2013 Jan 28th
Disenchanted. Xx

Shooting stars

2012 Mar 21st 673 Views
Shooting stars They Cross through the sky Passing by Leaving their bright shining light In my eyes They pass throughout the night Leaving sparks of... read more
Disenchanted. - thanks    2013 Feb 10th
Fatima - owsum!!!!!!!!!!!    2012 Dec 25th
Directioner Forever - awesome    2012 Aug 30th
Disenchanted. Xx

My best friend

2011 Aug 23rd 914 Views
Best friend is the one who cares for youWho shares with youWho never leaves you aloneAnd gives you a hand when you are aloneShe knows the song in... read more
Arouba - nice poem but last two lines seems familiar to me.... i guess i have heard it...    2013 May 7th
Directioner Forever - amira becoming a vampire is not that difficult just make fake long teeth from...    2012 Aug 30th
Disenchanted. - Thankx    2012 Aug 29th


Disenchanted. Xx


2011 Aug 23rd 1133 Views
The person who makes it sell it the person who buys it never uses it the person who uses it does not know that they are.What is it? Answer in... read more
Beenish - A Coffin    2015 Jul 17th
Tooba - coffin    2014 May 10th
Directioner Forever - A coffin...    2012 Aug 30th


Disenchanted. Xx

Love Islam

2013 Jul 10th 658 Views
Love Islam

Abeera - wow! you are good.....    2014 Jul 7th
Tooba - awesome    2014 May 20th
Shiza - excellent!!!    2014 May 6th
Disenchanted. Xx

UAE national day!!

2012 Dec 1st 658 Views
UAE national day!!

Tooba - splendid work    2014 May 20th
Tooba - splendid work    2014 May 20th
Disenchanted. - thanks    2013 Mar 2nd
Disenchanted. Xx

14th August

2012 Aug 11th 821 Views
14th August

Abeera - wwwwwwooooooooooooowwwww!!!!!!!    2014 Jul 7th
Tooba - great    2014 May 20th
Shiza - wow!!! so beautiful.........    2014 May 6th
Disenchanted. Xx


2012 Feb 4th 798 Views

Tooba - nice    2014 May 20th
Ajwa - its quite gud..    2013 Sep 4th
Amna - nyc drawing.............    2012 Nov 7th
Disenchanted. Xx

Important message!!!

2012 Jan 9th 785 Views
Important message!!!

Tooba - nice and gud message    2014 May 20th
Hadia - it is very informative    2013 Dec 26th
Disenchanted. - well,yes but still Sherwood is Sherwood and i don't think any other school can...    2012 Dec 21st
Disenchanted. Xx

Happy National Day U.A.E...

2011 Dec 2nd 747 Views
Happy National Day U.A.E  (2 December)

Tooba - nice    2014 May 20th
Tooba - nice    2014 May 20th
Amna - Good............................    2012 Nov 7th
Disenchanted. Xx

Night Scene

2011 Aug 1st 1005 Views
Night Scene

Tooba - bravo    2014 May 20th
Amna - Soo good :O    2013 Dec 20th


Disenchanted. Xx

Why do animals go...

2012 Jan 6th 788 Views
In the past 500 years, hundreds of species of animals have become extinct-they have disappeared from the Earth for ever. In many cases this is... read more
Rafia - goooooooody gooooood......    2013 Jul 15th
Disenchanted. - thanQ    2013 Jan 4th
Fatima - NICE    2012 Dec 25th
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Full Name
Disenchanted. Xx
United States, Texas, Houston

I'm a Sophomore.

Friendship: The World's most Strong Relationship Friendship...well, what to say? It is the world’s most strong relationship. And you... read more
Mystery of the knocking at night Their car parked just outside the garage of an old house, Sophia and her parents... read more
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Incident that changed my life "I want the new Iphone!!!" I demanded stubbornly."You are not of age, beta." My mom kind... read more
A scary joke Once in there was an old man who was selling books at night. The night was horrible. It... read more
Friendship: The World's most Strong Relationship Friendship...well, what to say? It is the world’s most strong relationship. And you... read more
Mystery of the knocking at night Their car parked just outside the garage of an old house, Sophia and her parents... read more
Walk I walk in the rain so that no one can see my tears . . . That was the... read more
That sorrowing day! Life is full of ups and downs. I am sharing with you people a sad incident of my life. It... read more
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