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Shiza Javed

Shiza Javed


Usman Public School Campus3 , Karachi

Hey guyzzzz!!! I am shiza Javed and I study in class 7 in Usman Public School Campus 3.My hobbies are reading,cycling,playing...

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Full Name
Shiza Javed
Pakistan, Sindh, Karachi
Usman Public School Campus3

Hey guyzzzz!!! I am shiza Javed and I study in class 7 in Usman Public School Campus 3.My hobbies are reading,cycling,playing cricket and different games,swimming,watching T.V e.t.c and I also love making friends.I love watching movies whether they are english or whether they are hindi.My favourite band is "ONE DIRECTION".My favourite cartoon movie yet is "Frozen" among all.I have another page on this website as "princess shiza javed"......Please send me friend ship requests.

Video games
Tv watching
Toy collecting
Board games
Indoor games
Net surfing
Writing stories
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