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Souson Fahim

Souson Fahim


Hala International School , Jeddah

I am a girl of grade 7 A.I live in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. I am a Pakistani.I am 11years old.


Souson Fahim

Always Listen To Your...

2013 Sep 25th 949 Views
Once there was a girl named Sara. She was not polite to anyone .She always misbehaved with her teachers and classmates. She was a very bad... read more
Zainab - but this story is not a winner    2018 Jan 11th
Aiza - Cool    2017 Jan 5th
Sajahir - we should listen to our mothers, WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2016 Aug 13th


Souson Fahim

Mother Earth

2013 Dec 19th 763 Views
The earth is bigThe earth is greatIn here the seasons are never lateAstronauts in space high aboveSee the earth in shock and sayThe earth is bigthe... read more
4 People Like this! - Souson FahimTaibah AhsonEraj JavedNazish Ilyas

Abdullah - good pome :)    2014 Feb 8th
Souson - No,I made it myself my teacher gave me the idea as we were doing a lessen in...    2014 Jan 23rd
Nazish - amazing poem gal.    2014 Dec 30th
Souson Fahim

My diary

2013 Mar 28th 749 Views
I wish it could talkSo that we could go for a walkI wish it was aliveWho would always love to watch the bees hiveI wish it behaved goodI wish, I wish... read more
2 People Like this! - Taibah AhsonAreeba Azeem

Areeba - hi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bye :-)    2016 May 23rd
Areeba - Wow Amazingly Awesome Poem :) Simply love it :)    2013 May 30th
Eraj - Hi souson how r u?    2013 Apr 25th
Souson Fahim

What do I love?

2013 Jan 23rd 768 Views
What do I love?Do I live a fancy glove?Or do I love a tidy floorDo I love a friend in needOr do I love a fat cat to feedNo, I don't love any of... read more
3 People Like this! - Taibah AhsonSouson FahimEraj Javed

Eraj - Congratulations Souson your Poem is published in the magazine.    2014 Jan 19th
Eraj - Congratulations Souson your Poem is published in the magazine.    2014 Jan 19th
Eraj - Its very,very,very nice thoughts !keep it up nana(granny)    2013 Jan 27th
Souson Fahim

Funny poem

2013 Jan 21st 845 Views
It started to rainI wanted to go home was mainIt started raining heavyBut I was not yet readySo I went to an old houseThere I met a friendly mouseIt... read more
Laibah - amazing story . . . . grade = A+ !!!! ;D    2013 Jun 15th
Souson - Thank u :)    2013 Jan 22nd
Eraj - wow souson beautiful poem keep it up my best cousin    2013 Jan 22nd
Souson Fahim

Types of friends

2013 Jan 21st 771 Views
There are so many friends around usSome are foolbut some are coolsome act like mother in Lawand some act like the wrestlers in WWE RawSome are... read more