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Arshia Tahir

Arshia Tahir


Liaquat College , Karachi

Loosing a very best close friend has made me mad


Arshia Tahir

The Strange Light

2014 Aug 22nd 574 Views
I woke up suddenly one night and saw a strange light in my room....The problem is that the lights were off. I saw the clock; it was 3:30 in the... read more
4 People Like this! - Anam AbbasiKHAN AHMEDMohammad FahadArshia Tahir

Anam - May Allah bless showed me the right path    2015 Mar 28th
Arshia - yeah... they didnot understand    2014 Sep 22nd
Mohammad - wow nyc knowing. nobody commented:(    2014 Sep 7th
Arshia Tahir

Significance of Pen

2013 Jan 19th 742 Views
In our math class our maths teacher was dictating us a question when a girl asked the teacher to pause for a moment. Her pen had fallen on the... read more
2 People Like this! - Amna FaiziSara Shamim

Rida - Really very!!sweet.    2014 Oct 31st
Noreen - nice :)    2013 Sep 14th
RAFIA - very nice    2013 Jul 27th
Arshia Tahir

Lost Forever

2013 Jan 15th 761 Views
Hey, Mudasir, My cute brother of just 5 years old...I feel your presence around me every second...I still remember that you loved eating fastfood... read more
Arshia - 22 years    2014 May 1st
Arshia - whose tricking guys.... damn    2014 Jan 30th
Nuzhat - i am tricked ugghh    2013 Nov 11th
Arshia Tahir


2012 Apr 30th 692 Views
Three to four days before my birthday on January 8, 2012, my mother told me that she has arranged for a surprise birthday gift for me. By the way... read more
4 People Like this! - Rabia ShahidKumail Ali Amna FaiziSheraz Khan

Arshia - i might be there...amna    2013 Jan 9th
Amna - I am in 6 grade and I saw some A-level girls in the ground doing skating....:)    2013 Jan 5th
Arshia - yes...its the monogram of which class are u in? we alevels have...    2013 Dec 31st
Arshia Tahir

Believer's test

2012 Apr 24th 684 Views
There was a man named Aslam, who lived and worked as a taxi driver in Karachi. He migrated to Karachi in search of work that he probably could not... read more
Marwa - Nyc    2013 Aug 5th
Arshia - Thanks people    2012 Jun 16th
Momina - Nice!!    2012 Jun 12th
Arshia Tahir


2012 Mar 21st 715 Views
Hoor was really gorgeous and a jovial natured girl. She was also good in her curricular and non-curricular activities at college. Hoor has always... read more
Arshia - they sure really are........they have destroyed her life    2013 Sep 1st
Marwa - Nyc . And it would have hurted hoor alot and I think the principle and the...    2013 Aug 5th
Soha - Nice story!    2013 Jan 25th
Arshia Tahir

My little angel Brother

2012 Feb 17th 880 Views
We do not need to yell in front of Allah, because he even knows the silent prayers of our heart.This sentence uttered from the mouth of our Islamiat... read more
Tooba - very sad and heart touching is this true    2014 Jul 6th
Arshia - aww...thak u every body,...    2013 Jan 9th
Amna - I really feel sad for it Arshia baji:(((((    2013 Jan 5th
Arshia Tahir

Hideous Pimple Story

2012 Jan 31st 833 Views
The cream of the crop, out of the blue, got ruined with a colossal pimple. I kept ogling my self in my bedroom mirror with an impulsive shock... read more
Aliza - wow    2016 Feb 1st
Arshia - thanks Shaista    2013 Jan 9th
Shaista - very nice...    2012 Nov 26th
Arshia Tahir

A strange parcel

October 2011 2011 Oct 25th 1648 Views
At the break of dawn, our doorbell rang. All of us were too tired to even step out of the bed to open the door, but one of us had to do so. I kept... read more
Anam - great and congrats    2013 Oct 29th
Arshia - thanks Kumail and Afnan    2012 Jun 16th
Kumail - i like it!    2012 May 11th
Arshia Tahir

An ominous telephone call

2011 Oct 14th 873 Views
I have thought of changing myself before. It is true. I hate any change. I had been leading a carefree life at home and even at school until a... read more
Arshia - well.. i am not in a school.. and this is not a real story... but when i used...    2011 Dec 13th
Usaidkhan - i think you are still disobedient student in your class.    2011 Dec 6th
Bareera - nyc    2011 Oct 28th
Arshia Tahir

It doesn’t matter if...

2011 Oct 10th 795 Views
I made up my mind to get employed in a well-known company after my graduation, which would accept me to work for them on basis of my merit. I knew... read more
Arshia - ok omama and alyina.. u will soon be reading a horor story from my side    2011 Dec 13th
Alyina - nyc u shud try a horror story    2011 Dec 2nd
Omama - you always write good storis. plz publish a horror story    2011 Nov 25th


Arshia Tahir

My Teacher

2012 Jun 22nd 551 Views
My teacher means a world to me If I am a flower she is my fragrance If I am a bird she is my flight If I am a poetess she is my imagination If I am a... read more
Arshia Tahir

Birthday Wishes

2012 Apr 3rd 644 Views
Laying against the wall I wish God to hear my call To send angels down on earth this day So they could shower His blessings On the one's who have... read more
Arshia Tahir

Allah is my best friend

2011 Oct 21st 876 Views
Allah gives hope to those who dream Allah gives miracles to those who believe Allah never let down those who trust Allah never leaves those who... read more
2 People Like this! - Daniyal ToheedKhushbukht Javid

Disenchanted. - AWESOME and HE is everyone's best friend...........and the only One we can...    2013 Jul 12th
Arshia - thanks dear daniyal    2013 Jan 9th
Daniyal - amazing poem dear Arshia    2012 Aug 25th
Arshia Tahir

My Dear Friends

2011 Oct 10th 619 Views
A word to say, A word to hear, Even in your absence, I feel you near...! Our relation is strong, Hope it goes long.... We will remain friends Till... read more
1 Person like this! - Daniyal Toheed

Arshia - thank u    2011 Oct 22nd
Manal - Ko.0l Dud3    2011 Oct 13th


Arshia Tahir


2013 Jun 5th 713 Views

Arshia - thanks everybody    2013 Sep 1st
Azka - Asssalamoalikum & eid Mubarak    2013 Aug 9th
Arooba - I love this drawing veryyyyyyyyyy beautifullllllllllllllll    2013 Aug 7th
Arshia Tahir


2013 Mar 6th 640 Views
3 People Like this! - Noor-e- HiraOmer AhmedZahra Taha

Arshia - thanks    2013 Sep 1st
Aasiya - soooo cutooooo    2013 Mar 23rd
Omer - good robote    2013 Mar 17th
Arshia Tahir

Donald Duck

May 2012 2012 May 6th 808 Views
Donald Duck

Arshia - Tawassul,, the gift contained a foundation pen, eraser, geometry box, glue and...    2012 Aug 16th
Arshia - Ayesha Farhan...u need to be patient...the gift is send through courier...and...    2012 Aug 16th
Ali - Wht was in the gift plzzzzzz can you tell me    2012 Jun 29th
Arshia Tahir

Flower Screen Printing

2012 Mar 24th 651 Views
Flower Screen Printing
4 People Like this! - Fatima QasimAimun HussamAyesha SaleemLaiba Farhat

Arshia - thanksss    2012 Aug 16th
Ayesha - nice    2012 Mar 26th
Arshia Tahir


2012 Feb 1st 743 Views

Arshia - thanks sania, daim    2012 Aug 16th
Daim - hard work    2012 Mar 5th
Daim - gr8 work    2012 Mar 2nd
Arshia Tahir


2012 Jan 29th 785 Views

Laibah - MA'ShAllah! and EID MUBARAK to all my friends!    2014 Jul 30th
Arshia - thanks Soha    2013 Jan 9th
Soha - Subhan Allah!!!    2012 Dec 7th
Arshia Tahir

Rab-i-zidni ilma

2012 Jan 20th 913 Views
Rab-i-zidni ilma

Qurratul - BEST    2014 Jun 13th
Arshia - thanks    2012 Aug 16th
Zuhaa - no problem Arshia its still good    2012 Feb 2nd
Arshia Tahir


2011 Oct 24th 909 Views

Soha - SubhanAllah!! So wonderful!!!!!!! InshAllah you'll hold exhibition...... keep...    2013 Jan 16th
Arshia - Jazak Allah Wareesha, Madiha and Maham.. Wareesha, i think my father is the...    2011 Dec 28th


Arshia Tahir

Shan-e-Mughlia Restaurant

2013 Sep 11th 614 Views
Hey Friends, this a descriptive essay in which I am using 5 senses to describe Shan-e-Mughlia Restaurant in Karachi where I went a few days... read more
1 Person like this! - Khadijah Ahsan

Ajwa - grrrr88888!!!!!!    2013 Sep 16th
Ajwa - grrrr88888!!!!!!    2013 Sep 16th
Ajwa - grrrr88888!!!!!!    2013 Sep 16th
Arshia Tahir

Preparation of Carnival...

2013 Feb 25th 576 Views
Dear Fellows!Dawood Public School is soon going to hold a WWF Carnival on Saturday 23 February 2013. It will be great fun. I will definitely be... read more
1 Person like this! - Fatima Qasim
Arshia Tahir

Celebration of...

2013 Feb 9th 652 Views
The question arises ‘Should Muslims celebrate Valentine’ Day or not?To celebrate Valentine’s Day is a sin and American came up with... read more
4 People Like this! - Fatima QasimKhansa BhattiSoha SuhailAliza Syed

Arshia - thanks everybody    2013 Sep 1st
Minahil - You reaaalllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy have covered the hidden point with...    2013 May 27th
Eraj - You are right Arshia    2013 Mar 7th
Arshia Tahir

My Aspiration

2012 Dec 1st 642 Views
“I was given my first pair of skates when I was seven years old, and I’ve spends lots of time on the skating since then Figure skating is... read more
Arshia Tahir

No tolerance to Blasphemy

2012 Sep 24th 677 Views
Blasphemy is the behaviour or language that insults or shows lack of respect for God or a Religion. As Muslims, we are aware of the insult and the... read more
1 Person like this! - Eisha Ajmal

Emaan - TOTALLY TRUE ARSHIA! who does this **** (censored!) Movie Maker think he is? I...    2012 Sep 30th
Arshia - Yes Eisha, this is a very serious topic and i thought to raise my voice on it.    2012 Sep 25th
Arifa - yup. its gr8!    2012 Sep 24th
Arshia Tahir

Sports Day

2012 Mar 13th 624 Views
The students of Dawood Public School comprising of pre-primary to A level students enthusiastically and ardently celebrated their sports day on the 6... read more
1 Person like this! - Fatima Qasim

Arshia - jazak Allah    2012 Mar 15th
Urooj - superb reflection.......    2012 Mar 14th
Simra - Nice job    2012 Mar 13th
Arshia Tahir

Brother hood

2012 Jan 5th 661 Views
In the Holy Quran Allah All mighty has given various explanations for unity and brother hood among the people. It is mentioned that all Muslims are... read more
1 Person like this! - Sania Rauf

Arshia - thanks Sania    2013 Jan 9th
Sania - nice and true    2012 Jan 26th
Arshia Tahir

Social websites

2011 Nov 2nd 750 Views
Nobody can gainsay this fact that after the advent of science and technology our lives have become so much easier. These inventions have... read more
3 People Like this! - Lionel MessiSisters M FAlina Salman

Arshia - jazak Allah ashraf    2011 Dec 29th
AFNAN - it's true!!nyc 1!!    2011 Dec 13th
Alina - nyc try..!!!!    2011 Nov 5th
Arshia Tahir

Bake Sale at Dawood...

2011 Oct 26th 799 Views
Assalam o alikum, I am Arshia Tahir and belong to Dawood Public School. I am in AS level and I am going to tell you my personal experience related to... read more
Arshia - well this time in wwf carnival 2013 u should visit my stall also    2013 Feb 19th
Amna - We also had a stall last year and I think I have visited your stall,Arshia baji.    2013 Jan 19th
Arshia - Alina where are u?    2013 Jan 9th
Arshia Tahir

Words of wisdom

2011 Oct 14th 759 Views
Five words of wisdom that can change life!1.    If you are right then there is no need to get angry, and if you are wrong then you... read more
4 People Like this! - Alina SalmanArshia TahirAzka SohailHadia Kashif

Arshia - thanks Hafsa    2013 Jan 9th
Hafsa - luv it!    2012 Jul 9th
Fareeha - SUCH A NICE WORDS ARSHIA GOOD:-)    2011 Nov 2nd
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Full Name
Arshia Tahir
Pakistan, Sindh, Karachi
Liaquat College

Loosing a very best close friend has made me mad

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The Strange Light I woke up suddenly one night and saw a strange light in my room....The problem is that... read more
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