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Anmol Qindeel

Anmol Qindeel


Sls Montessori And School , Islamabad

I am Anmol Qindeel. I am in class 2. I am 7 years old.


Anmol Qindeel

Mr. Joke

2017 Mar 23rd 391 Views
Mr. Joke has a big big moustacheIts colour is ashHe has a big red noseHe tells us jokesWe laugh laugh laughSo that’s why he is named Mr. JokeHe... read more
1 Person like this! - Wania Tauqeer

Nisha - 👍    2017 Apr 10th
Wania - Wow    2017 Apr 7th
Shayan - Very well Written!!!!!!! Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2017 Mar 28th
Anmol Qindeel


2016 Dec 2nd 518 Views
I had a dreamIn which me and my friendsWere rats and eating creamWe went outside and screamed"A cat"The cat said it’s a feast"A ratThe rats... read more
3 People Like this! - Nisha QaziWania TauqeerCutegirl Cutegirl

Saad - LOL    2017 Feb 11th
Berha - It's ok, you can try to make it longer and a little better but your effort was...    2017 Feb 4th
Nisha - Good try! dear keep going on.    2017 Jan 20th
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SLS Montessori & School Islamabad
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SLS Montessori and High School Islamabad islamabad
Full Name
Anmol Qindeel
Pakistan, Federal Area, Islamabad
Sls Montessori And School

I am Anmol Qindeel. I am in class 2. I am 7 years old.

Board games
Toy collecting
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