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Saba  Mahfooz

Saba Mahfooz


P.i.h.s.s.sharjah , Umm-ul-quwain

I am Saba Mahfooz


Saba  Mahfooz


2011 Aug 12th 1163 Views
The more you take, the more you leave behind. What are they? read more
4 People Like this! - Zainab RizviTooba FatimaHafsa RahmatAmna Faizi

Zainab - steps I think....    Feb 2nd
Tooba - footprints    2014 May 10th
Saba - @bint waseem W/Salaam dear ! i absolutely live in this world only :) =D Every...    2014 Jan 18th
Saba  Mahfooz


2011 Aug 12th 950 Views
I go in dry and come out wet, the longer I'm in, the stronger I get. What am I? read more
Zainab - tea bad\g    Feb 2nd
Tooba - teabag    2014 May 10th
Khadijah - Tea bag    2013 Jul 19th
Saba  Mahfooz


2011 Aug 1st 929 Views
Rewrite these words in a proper order... 1. Ctorpai (A Fruit) 2. Suolt (A Flower) 3. Jahatalm (Historical Place) 4. Losot (Furniture item) 5... read more
3 People Like this! - Tooba FatimaBareera KhalidSamia Shams

Zainab - 1- apricot 2-don't know. 3- taj ,mahal. 4-stool 5-don't know. 6- pumkin I...    Feb 2nd
Muhammad - 1.apricot 2.lotus 3.taj mahal 4.stool 5.mercury 6.pumpkin 7.barrister    2012 May 29th
Bareera - I'm in 8th    2011 Sep 24th
Saba  Mahfooz


2011 Jul 29th 1028 Views
Tell meI'm A Word Of 5 LettersPeople Eat Me..!If U Remove My 1st Letter i'll Be A Form Of EnergyIf U Remove My 1st 2 Letters i'll Be Needed 4... read more
Tooba - wheat    2014 May 10th
Saba - @mohammad yup    2012 Aug 12th
Muhammad - Its surely "Wheat"    2012 May 29th
Saba  Mahfooz


2011 Jul 29th 1067 Views
Which Is The Most Shocking City? . . Ans in comment read more
3 People Like this! - Yamna Izhar AhmedSapphire StoneSaba Mahfooz

Zainab - electricity    Feb 2nd
Tooba - electricity    2014 May 10th
Nuzhat - it cnt b elctrcty cz it cnt b a cty    2013 Dec 22nd


Saba  Mahfooz

Eid Mubarak...

2012 Aug 17th 799 Views
Eid Mubarak...
2 People Like this! - Raniah FarooqSaba Mahfooz

Saba - thanks    2012 Aug 25th
Bint Waseem - NYC 1 !!!!!!!!    2012 Aug 22nd
Saba - thank yew    2012 Aug 21st
Saba  Mahfooz

Eidul fitar Mubarak !

2011 Aug 29th 894 Views
Eidul fitar Mubarak !
3 People Like this! - Raniah FarooqBint Waseem MughalBareera Khalid

Saba - u r most welcum    2011 Sep 22nd
Bint Waseem - welx    2011 Sep 20th
Bint Waseem - welx    2011 Sep 20th
Saba  Mahfooz

Eid card

2011 Aug 29th 810 Views
eid card
3 People Like this! - Raniah FarooqBint Waseem MughalMaham Shahzad

Saba - thanks raniah    2013 Mar 16th
Raniah - very nice..... :)    2012 Sep 1st
Saba - u r most welcum    2012 Aug 12th


Saba  Mahfooz

Microwave food is...

2012 Aug 17th 882 Views
We all know or do we really know? Microwaves are evil…. Nuking your food destroys everything good in it. Microwaves are the ultimate... read more
Bint Waseem - hi saba.........where r u ????? n hw r u??????    2015 Apr 21st
Saba - thanks soha    2013 Mar 16th
Soha - Ver informative!! Nice.....    2013 Feb 6th
Saba  Mahfooz

Ten things ALLAH won't...

2011 Sep 10th 1088 Views
Ten things ALLAH won't ask:ALLAH won't ask what kind of car you drove;He'll ask how many people you drove who didn't have transportation. ALLAH won't... read more
Saba - thanks raniah    2013 Mar 16th
Raniah - awsome . . . i love it really . . :)    2012 Sep 1st
Saba - thanks amira    2012 Aug 20th
Saba  Mahfooz

Arrange it Correct

2011 Aug 16th 893 Views
Karnemd (Place) Laebaba (Bird) Sondelo (Food) Peoahygrg (Subject) Rabe (Animal) R U Genius? Reply Me Must...  read more
3 People Like this! - Raniah FarooqBint MahfoozSaba Mahfooz

Saba - thanks    2011 Oct 22nd
Aamna - Nice Article    2011 Sep 17th
Wafa - i dont like this type of quetions in which we have to answer in comments.well...    2011 Sep 2nd
Saba  Mahfooz

Connection to Allah

2011 Aug 7th 1051 Views
ALLAH has no black berry OR iphone but He is my favourite contact.......He doesn’t have internet but i m connected to HIM..........He... read more
Saba - @gullash :) yes :)    2014 Jan 18th
Gullasht - AOA and well, we need only Quran and Namaz to connect w8 Allah    2013 May 24th
Gullasht - AOA really ture i alsoO, connect Allah in this way    2013 May 21st
Saba  Mahfooz


2011 Aug 7th 884 Views
It is not necessary to shareeverything between your true friendsBut it is necessary thatwhat u share must be true.  read more
Hafsa - saba baji meri friendship request ko accept kariena .    2013 Sep 24th
Saba - thank yew azka    2012 Aug 13th
Saba - thanks aamna & bint waseem    2011 Oct 22nd
Saba  Mahfooz


2011 Aug 1st 870 Views
Truth is Always Like Oil in Water; No Matter How Much of Water You Add, It Always Floats On Top..!" ... Think! read more
Saba - thank yew raniah    2013 Mar 16th
Raniah - nice. .    2012 Sep 1st
Saba - thank yew hafsa    2012 Aug 12th
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p.i.h.s.s.s umm al quwain
Full Name
Saba Mahfooz
United Arab Emirates, Umm-ul-quwain

I am Saba Mahfooz

Toy collecting
Indoor games
Net surfing
Writing stories
Collecting coins
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