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Raveeha Hassan

Raveeha Hassan


Head Start School System , Karachi

I am Raveeha HASSAN.I am a student of grade 6 in HEAD START SCHOOL SYSTEM.I like reading,painting and watching TV. I am very...


Raveeha Hassan

Qutub Minar

2013 Dec 19th 1485 Views
Which cat can jump higher than the Qutub Minar? read more
3 People Like this! - Eman KashifZanib NoorRaveeha Hassan

Moon - Hi Raveeha,I saw your comment,I have all the (books,series) of Harry...    2016 Jun 16th
Tooba - I won't mind answering the riddle since lots of ppl have answered it already...    2015 Apr 30th
Saad - everyone who dosent know what is qutub minar i will tell them. qutub minar is a...    2014 Nov 23rd


Raveeha Hassan

I luv mom

2013 Mar 25th 1101 Views
I luv mom

Rameen - once again same to u,back to u,shield:p raveeha i tell u    2013 May 26th
Raveeha - same to you,back to you,shield Rameen:plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll    2013 May 8th
Hiba - raveeha you make dawings awesom coooooooooooooooooooooooooooool    2013 May 8th
Raveeha Hassan

I love V SHINE

2013 Mar 21st 917 Views
I love V SHINE
3 People Like this! - Rida FatimahEman KashifRaveeha Hassan

Rida - Yeah EvEn me guys.....:*    2014 Sep 19th
Abdul Rahman - we all do    2013 Mar 29th
Haniya - very true rameen....    2013 Mar 29th
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Full Name
Raveeha Hassan
Pakistan, Sind, Karachi
Head Start School System

I am Raveeha HASSAN.I am a student of grade 6 in HEAD START SCHOOL SYSTEM.I like reading,painting and watching TV. I am very friendly and I live in Karachi,Pakistan . Mashallah, I am very good at studies.I have a samsung galaxy tablet and i love playing on it

Video games
Tv watching
Toy collecting
Net surfing
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