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Ghazal Firdous Shaikh

Ghazal Firdous Shaikh


Wilderness School , Quetta

Aslam-0-Alaikum.I'm a Pakistani Muslim, Well My BFF Faryal Khan <33 knows me better than I do! She is the only one true...


Ghazal Firdous Shaikh

Never Demand for the...

2014 Apr 23rd 1286 Views
Tikal got up from her bed and went off to brush her teeth. The eggs had gone bad and the milk had turned sour. So without having anything in... read more
Urooj - Gudd    2017 Jul 29th
Aliza - plz accept my request    2015 Nov 18th
Mubashra - great    2015 Feb 9th
Ghazal Firdous Shaikh

What An Adventure??

2014 Apr 14th 867 Views
“Wow! What a fetching sunset!” I murmured while gazing at the enchanting sunset. Actually, I was having a grateful journey to Sweden from... read more
Ghazal Firdous - Thankyou everybody ^_^    2014 May 3rd
Gullasht - GUd :P    2014 May 2nd
Faez Ahmed - nice    2014 Apr 24th


Ghazal Firdous Shaikh

Fools Follow the Rules

2014 Apr 30th 881 Views
Fools follow the rules.I’m a fool,Cause I follow the rules,And I born on April Fool,Isn’t that cool?Fools follow the rules,People have... read more
Anonymous - Hey ADA are you jealous? i think you don't understand the poem! you don't even...    2014 Jul 2nd
ADA - no no no its nice 10/10    2014 Jun 25th
Rida - little boring. you can do it. buck up!    2014 Jun 23rd


Ghazal Firdous Shaikh

Warning Sign

2014 May 8th 1144 Views
Tourist: This seems to be a very dangerous cliff, it’s a wonder they don’t put up a warning sign.Guide: They had put up one for four... read more
Samra - hahahahaha    2014 Aug 1st
Zuhaa - Haha !!!    2014 Jul 18th
Maimoona Masood - Good    2014 Jun 22nd


Ghazal Firdous Shaikh

Blue Nature

2014 May 18th 814 Views
Blue Nature

Fatima - Nice    2017 Jun 8th
Gul Noor - nice..    2014 Jun 24th
Muhammad - Hafsa what is this thanks for    2014 Jun 12th
Ghazal Firdous Shaikh


2014 May 18th 831 Views

Aliza - awesome    2015 Nov 17th
Fatima - AWESOME!!!!    2014 Nov 19th
Aden - I like it    2014 Aug 21st
Ghazal Firdous Shaikh

Happy Earth Day 2014

2014 Apr 22nd 772 Views
Happy Earth Day 2014

Anonymous - Yar, you are amazing.. it's gorgeous    2014 May 18th
Tooba - thank you ghazal for telling me in detail    2014 May 18th
Ghazal Firdous - Thankyou Tooba, When you add your page. There are categories, right? When you...    2014 May 14th


Ghazal Firdous Shaikh

Have you ever taken any...

2014 Apr 8th 933 Views
RISK... first of all we should know what is risk? Dictionary describes, “Risk is the possibility of suffering harm, loss or danger”... read more
Berha - Excellent article!    2016 Jun 28th
Berha - Excellent article!    2016 Jun 28th
Anonymous - hey jiya i really need to talk to you!    2014 Jul 6th
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Full Name
Ghazal Firdous Shaikh
Pakistan, Balochistan, Quetta
Wilderness School
O'Levels (2nd year)

Aslam-0-Alaikum.I'm a Pakistani Muslim, Well My BFF Faryal Khan <33 knows me better than I do! She is the only one true friend, and That I can Trust her!And Thank you for visiting my Profile. Please Read My Stuff and Like If reasonable. And If I have to Improve something. Please Tell me By commenting. ^_^

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Books!! Books are true friends They will remain so, Till the very end. They... read more
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