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Neha Ayaz

Neha Ayaz


Sr-1 , Kot Addu

i am a bit moody i get anger fastly!i give a great im portance 2 my frnds like mahnoor saeed n tehzeem hassan both my kinda best...


Neha Ayaz

My first day of the new...

2012 Sep 16th 3472 Views
Not every child thinks of school as a fun is just like riding a rollercoaster when it stops you want it to start and when it starts... read more
Mubushra - Pretty effort neha :)    2013 Feb 26th
Hiba - nyc...pleas neha like my stories toooooooo @hiba    2013 Feb 19th
Soha - Nice! It also happens with me after vacations.....)    2013 Jan 26th
Neha Ayaz

I saw a ghost...

2012 Jul 31st 1374 Views
Hi, I am Neha. I wanna share my life time experience with u, I did see a ghost in my life,  any1 of u would say that the ghost does not Exist!!!... read more
Zainab - I am very scared!    Mar 10th
Fatima - Ghosts do exist, Anyways that story was very scary    2017 Jul 2nd
Aliza - u guys scared the petals right off of me!!!    2016 Apr 13th


Neha Ayaz


2012 Aug 10th 674 Views
I really admire heroI guess we all are heroes from our inside!HeroBrave and StrongFighting courageouslyLike there is no tomorrowIf I only had the... read more
4 People Like this! - LyeBa KhanDfg DfggfTehzeem HassanNeha Ayaz

Elsa - please add me in your friends.i hope u will    2013 Jan 21st
Dfg - well done......    2012 Nov 29th
Neha - aimen is ur cast a mughal??if yes then em also a MUGHAL!    2012 Aug 31st
Neha Ayaz

My teachers

2012 Aug 2nd 677 Views
Dedicated to all my teachers........ Whenever I see at my teachers; I see a bright sun of peace, And a beautiful moon of harmony, Some sparkling... read more
Sadia - Nice......... :)    2013 Mar 13th
LyeBa - Gr8 poem:)    2012 Dec 28th
Neha - ya me to!    2012 Aug 4th


Neha Ayaz

My Friends

2012 Jul 31st 955 Views
 Dedicated 2 all my friends......FRM NEHA are so attractive are so beautiful are so cute read more
Tooba - neha in whch class u r    2014 May 9th
Gullasht - AOA mind kae liya !!!!!!!!!!!.....................    2013 May 2nd
Soha - Hahaha.. Neha where are u now a days?? Ashir, do you know?????    2013 Feb 18th


Neha Ayaz

14 August

2012 Aug 3rd 833 Views
August 14 is the 226th day of the year...There are 139 days remaining until the end of the year n yet a very important day 4 Pakistanis........HAPPY... read more
Areeqa - nice one neha! :)    2013 May 26th
LyeBa - Nyc 1...!    2012 Nov 7th
Raniah - nice    2012 Sep 1st
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Full Name
Neha Ayaz
Pakistan, Punjab, Kot Addu

i am a bit moody i get anger fastly!i give a great im portance 2 my frnds like mahnoor saeed n tehzeem hassan both my kinda best frnds....n has made a frnd named laiba!

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