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Basma Abdul Shakoor Basma

Basma Abdul Shakoor Basma


Pakistan International School,jeddah , Jeddah

Besmillahirrahmanirahim assalamualkum friends i am basma student of class12, i am new to this website soon i will upload my stuff...


Basma Abdul Shakoor Basma


2013 Nov 1st 899 Views

Huzaifa - Upside down but beautiful.    2014 Jan 19th
Hibba - my picture didnt appear its a week ago i posted it :(    2014 Jan 8th
Azka - wow    2014 Jan 6th
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Full Name
Basma Abdul Shakoor Basma
Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
Pakistan International School,jeddah

Besmillahirrahmanirahim assalamualkum friends i am basma student of class12, i am new to this website soon i will upload my stuff inshallah

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