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Noorish Khan

Noorish Khan


Aes School For Girls , Karachi

Hey there fellows! I am Noorish Khan. I am a sort of girl who is very keen towards studies. I come 1st every year only in grade...


Noorish Khan

Should students be given...

2016 Nov 22nd 348 Views
Students are kids who study in school. Who try their best to achieve good marks. Students listen to the lectures and copy them down and when tests... read more
Nisha - Homework is good for the students as it gives a sense of duty towards studies...    Apr 17th
Noorish - Thanks. I have written many stuff which are still in pending to be approved...    Apr 12th
Nageen - I liked it Waiting for another article by you    Apr 9th
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Full Name
Noorish Khan
Pakistan, Sindh, Karachi
Aes School For Girls

Hey there fellows! I am Noorish Khan. I am a sort of girl who is very keen towards studies. I come 1st every year only in grade 4, I came 2nd with 95.5 percentage. I love to do my homework. Although i wrote an article against home work but as it is said that you shouldnot judge people by their appearances. I just wrote it for fun and it really isn't based on my real life. I love to make friends and watch horror movies in my vacations as i am a very brave girl. I am thirteen years old and I study in grade 8. Insha Allah, after passing my 8th grade with flying colours i will be looking forward in doing o levels. Apart from my studies in my spare time i love to read books and write stories. Apart from this, I am the biggest directioner in the world..........

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