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Mahno0r $aeed

Mahno0r $aeed


The City School (kapco Chapter) , Kot Addu

Em a hardworking girl who likes studying but also want something more in life..!!!:)one direction is my life..Liam nd Zayn are...


Mahno0r $aeed

That sorrowing day!

2013 Jan 20th 990 Views
Life is full of ups and downs. I am sharing with you people a sad incident of my life. It was 8th of October 2008 my mom was in hospital. We two... read more
Taskeen - oh very sad to hear! but man is helpless before the will of God. May Allah give...    2015 Sep 25th
Amna - aww.. so sad    2015 Apr 19th
Rida - Alas! for your granny.    2014 Oct 25th
Mahno0r $aeed

A tremendous journey of...

2012 Jul 14th 1323 Views
H3yy......after da success of my first story I just wanted 2 share 1 more pleasant experience of my life...previous year my whole... read more
Yamna - is your pic. kristen stewart??????????cuz i love her!!!    2013 Jun 20th
Soha - me 2    2013 Jun 7th
Mahno0r - yea and i love kristen stewart! =)    2013 Feb 10th
Mahno0r $aeed

An incident in my School...

June 2012 2012 Jun 15th 3012 Views
HI...Em MahnoOr I want 2 share a terrific incident of our class. Our class is totally change from all other classes in our school...and that’s... read more
Meerab Amin - Oh Mahnoor appi weldone>>.:) actually ...... i knew that before >.....=}    2014 Dec 4th
Rida - By the way i didnt know it happened or not even i am your school fellow either...    2014 Jul 21st
Nuzhat - nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice...    2013 Nov 27th


Mahno0r $aeed

Why They Are Friends..!!

2012 Aug 31st 736 Views
Why they are friendsCause they smile,Cause they understand just by looking in your eyes,Cause they know you better than you know yourself,Cause with... read more
4 People Like this! - Dfg DfggfTehzeem HassanNeha Ayaz(^_^) (^_^)

Tehzeem - good poem,,,, Evry 1 mst have friend who have all the qualities described...    2012 Sep 30th
Neha - i am na!! :-)    2012 Sep 8th
Arifa - nice but not rhyming    2012 Sep 1st


Mahno0r $aeed

Cow or Sheep

2012 Sep 24th 907 Views
A guy walk int0 his bedro0m carrying a sheep in his arms and says, "H0ney, this is the c0w wh0m i l0ve very much". The wife, lying in bed, reading a... read more
Laibah - hi I'm in the city school paf chapter !!!!!!!!!!    2013 Apr 30th
Fatima - wowwwwwwww....................................lolxxx    2013 Mar 1st
Neha - hmm..gud 1    2012 Dec 2nd
Mahno0r $aeed

School exams

2012 May 25th 1019 Views
Thousand Words of a Teacher Never Hurt But   .   .   .   The Silence of A Friend In The Examination Hall Brings Tears to the... read more
Marwa - Yar you know what that if I had that like button on every view I would have...    2013 Aug 14th
Marwa - :'D    2013 Aug 1st
Marwa - An awesome one but it happens to someone who really wants to cheat but an...    2013 Jul 22nd


Mahno0r $aeed

Worst and Best aspects...

2012 Nov 2nd 1980 Views
Arnold H says, "Telling a teenager the facts of life is like giving a fish a bath". Undoubtedly he is right, if one gives some sort of instructions... read more
3 People Like this! - Fatimah LatifEeman AhmedNeha Ayaz

Fatimah - u r the definition of boring Suhaib...go to HELLLLLL.....    2014 Jun 2nd
Suhaib - @ mathilda i have read it all of it so thats why i am saying its BORINGGGG!!!    2013 Aug 21st
Neha - Aww...mention n0t mancy!    2012 Dec 13th
Mahno0r $aeed

School Life VS College...

2012 Oct 3rd 823 Views
Childhood and adolescence are usually the happiest and most careless periods in our lives, but there always comes the time when a young person starts... read more
2 People Like this! - Eeman AhmedTehzeem Hassan

Mahno0r - thnx:)    2012 Dec 6th
Dfg - very g0od superb!!!!!!!!    2012 Dec 4th
Neha - nice yawr..gud 1!    2012 Dec 2nd
Mahno0r $aeed

Interesting facts of our...

2012 Aug 11th 1278 Views
Friends I’m going 2 tell you some amazing facts on PAKISTAN s0 dat u may realize its imp0rtance :):  1-Largest Volunteer Ambulance... read more
Soha - Interesting!!! Proud to be a Pakistani!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up:)    2013 Feb 7th
Mahno0r - yes laiba IA    2012 Dec 27th