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Sara Malik

Sara Malik


, Karachi

i am a human


Sara Malik

The Most Beautiful Thing...

2011 Apr 29th 857 Views
An artist, who wanted to paint the most beautiful painting in the world, he asked a person, "What according to you is the most beautiful thing in the... read more
3 People Like this! - Alina SalmanSyed Mohammed UmerSaniya Farhan

Sara - Thnk you everyone for appreciating my article :)    2012 Sep 14th
Sehar - nice    2012 May 31st
Alina - Nice...but you have done a mistake you must write that he painted his family...    2011 May 25th
Sara Malik


2010 Jun 21st 920 Views
Friends are very important. Without friends life is not complete. They comfort us. They support us when we are in trouble. We should never fight with... read more
4 People Like this! - Khadija KausarHasan RehmanIzza WaheedHBN PRINCESS

Khadija - your article is most suberb,marvellous,terrific,exellent @nice    2011 Nov 29th
Hasan - Your article was MARVELLOUS    2010 Jul 6th
Fajr - I will write more articles.    2010 Jul 1st
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Sara Malik
Pakistan, Karachi

i am a human

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