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Fatima  Khan

Fatima Khan


Pakistan International School Es - Jeddah , Jeddah

I am an amazing person. Haha! Just kidding. Anyways, I'm really friendly and I'm addicted to chocolate . I'm a reading fanatic...


Fatima  Khan

Beauty forever

2014 Oct 20th 731 Views
We ran on the sand at a tremendous speed. Our pounding footsteps made the find sand billow around us in thick clouds, through which wafted in the... read more
3 People Like this! - Aeman AdnanYusra AteeqSarah Khawaja

Yusra - nice one    2014 Dec 24th
Ali - Can I join you!    2014 Dec 20th
Maikham - excellent........ you can become a great writer....    2014 Dec 18th
Fatima  Khan

Astonishing discovery

2014 Jun 12th 660 Views
“Ach-oo!” my fifth sneeze in a row sounded a lot like a detonated bomb. As a result of the inch ling layer of dust and filth that layered... read more
Ayesha - very nice!    2014 Jun 26th
Raveeha - very good    2014 Jun 15th
Khadija - I think this is a wonderful story and i like it very much.    2014 Jun 13th


Fatima  Khan

Stop judging!!!

2014 Jun 27th 758 Views
"Ew! Look at that girl clothes! They are so old!""where did that guy get that watch from, the dollar store?" Okay, so you're probably reading these... read more
2 People Like this! - Fakhra BashirAzka Rizwan

Jungkook's - Good.    2016 Aug 21st
Aliza - awesome work    2015 Aug 20th
Jasmine - awesome    2015 Feb 18th
Fatima  Khan

Wake up!!

2014 Jun 27th 638 Views
I feel so insignificant. So worthless. How despicable I am. How despicable this wretched world is, accustomed to luxuries, taking for granted... read more
2 People Like this! - Aliza AamirAzka Rizwan

Aliza - wow so so........... i am speechless this article is fabulous.......    2015 Oct 26th
Fatima - Make sure to leave a comment sharing your opinions about my article. Hope you...    2014 Jun 28th
Fatima  Khan

How to make your summer...

2014 Jun 27th 633 Views
Summer. The time where we all can start afresh, make memories, rekindle old friendships and begin new ones. The eagerly awaited months come... read more

Fatima - Please leave a comment sharing your opinions about my article. Thank you!!    2014 Jun 28th
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Fatima  Khan

Why homemade food is a...

2014 Jun 19th 604 Views
'Ugh! why isn't this line moving?" These sounds, combined with the pungent aroma of stale food, greet us when we step into the cafeteria. This sticky... read more
1 Person like this! - Gul Noor Arsalan

Gul Noor - Wow, so true.. there was a FRIED MOSQUITO in my samosa, the same fate, I...    2014 Jul 19th
Ayesha - good nice job and thank you for sending me request    2014 Jun 26th
Ayesha - good nice job and thank you for sending me request    2014 Jun 26th
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Full Name
Fatima Khan
Saudi Arabia, Western Province, Jeddah
Pakistan International School Es - Jeddah

I am an amazing person. Haha! Just kidding. Anyways, I'm really friendly and I'm addicted to chocolate . I'm a reading fanatic and read 24/7. I'm also a pretty awesome writer so it would be great if you check of my stories and articles. A few words that describe me are rainbows,unicorns,cupcakes,cookies and teddy bears. I'm a terrible artist and I'm very prone to random giggling attack. My motto is " stay awesome and beYOUtiful"

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