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Aliza   Aamir

Aliza Aamir


The City School , Karachi

hey there! you know me by my name Aliza! so let me tell u about myself, i am a talented teenage girl dreaming of becoming a...


Aliza   Aamir

The winged statue

Jun 8th 506 Views
"We will be back after 2 weeks until then you hold the responsibility of our house and also our children . PLUS  PLEASE KINDLY DO NOT MISPLACE... read more
Zainab - marvelous..super    Dec 11th
Fatima - U bet my story poppy and the crystal what?    Aug 18th
Sajahir - great spooky story aliza    Aug 8th
Aliza   Aamir

Personal creepy...

May 16th 426 Views
Sometimes when you are exposed to reading too much horror stuff and macabre fiction and non-fiction, you end up having a personal creepy experience... read more
4 People Like this! - M. Ayan AmirWania TauqeerMaria GulAiza Iqbal

Fatima - I like it    Sep 17th
Fatima - I like it    Sep 17th
Yashfeen - Very creepy well sometimes my laptop also didn't show me restore option .It is...    Aug 18th
Aliza   Aamir

Survive the terror (part...

May 14th 244 Views
As the door knob turned , Ayome charged out with a hammer for her defence. the figure that stood before her startled her. the figure held a hatchet... read more
3 People Like this! - M. Ayan AmirAyesha FaisalAliza Aamir

Maheen - Aliza what is your google + account    Jul 15th
Aliza - @maheen i am currently working on the surprise so it might take a while    Jul 14th
Maheen - Aliza plz send the last part of this story I am waiting for it anxiously I want...    Jul 13th
Aliza   Aamir

Bad Rally(by my 8 year...

May 11th 225 Views
Two cars were racing down the rally mountains.then they started the car lost control and crashed into a tree.and fell in the river.then the... read more
3 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalAliza AamirWania Tauqeer

Sajahir - awesome    Aug 9th
Berha - Plz check out my poem! My best friends    Jun 8th
Berha - I am 11 (round a about) I will turn 11 this yr 1 month Ltr    May 27th
Aliza   Aamir

Survive the terror (part...

Apr 27th 236 Views
The door knob turned and ayome gulped. It was jeff, he was dragging a dead body along with himself.Ayome wished that she could somehow escape.she... read more
2 People Like this! - M. Ayan AmirWania Tauqeer

Aliza - please admin please post my stuff. plz plz plz    May 14th
Aliza - @fajr i had to re-type the whole story thats why i guess its a bit different...    May 13th
Fajr Omair - The story has been repeated but changed a little. I am confused. Which is the...    May 12th
Aliza   Aamir

Survive the terror (part...

Apr 24th 268 Views
the door opened.There he was,Jeff! he stepped inside while also dragging a dead body along with himself."Wait... so thats the idiot who brought me... read more
4 People Like this! - M. Ayan AmirAyesha FaisalAliza AamirWania Tauqeer

Fatima - What next?? This is so Fantastic!!! Slenderman freaks me out. I have game...    May 22nd
Maria - I really like thus part plus I am not into violence kind of animes but this was...    May 12th
Berha - Thanks!    May 6th
Aliza   Aamir

Survive the terror (part...

Apr 2nd 330 Views
Ayome after her sighting of slenderman, thought that she should continue her search. 3 weeks passed but ayome didn't found any clue or track. just... read more
3 People Like this! - M. Ayan AmirWania TauqeerMaria Gul

Berha - @aliza he played umm i think fnaf part 3... I also read some creepypasta...    Jun 15th
Aliza - @berha ohh fnaf!! you know it is becoming so popular! well on num : 1 there is...    Jun 9th
Berha - Fatima! Smile dog isn't scary it isn't scary at all. And slender man isn't soo...    Jun 8th
Aliza   Aamir

Survive the Terror (part...

Mar 23rd 247 Views
Ayome regretted the moment when she thought that she can go in those foggy woods by herself. The unexplained disappearance of her friend Lauren... read more
3 People Like this! - Sajahir RizwanWania TauqeerMaria Gul

Berha - Luv creepypasta urban legends and whatnot sorta do it in my freetime    Nov 10th
Fatima - OF COURSE I AM! I LOVE HORROR STUFF. Urban legends and scary games! AND HOW TO...    Jun 29th
Aliza - @fatima are u really a creepypasta fan?    May 22nd
Aliza   Aamir

Someone in my room (last...

2015 Apr 20th 734 Views
Izma was frightened and could not make a move she was still suddenly she saw a same gown in her friends closet she was shocked  she opened her... read more
Aliza - @abdul ali yeah i know it kinda sucks! but i was really young when i posted it...    May 21st
Irza - WOW! i read all ur parts.Good story and I LOVE the way you take all your...    May 7th
Aliza   Aamir

Someone in my room (Part...

February 2015 2015 Mar 23rd 1056 Views
Izma faintes, after 15 minutes she woke up and saw at the wall of her room.There was "Dead" with blood. Izma felt scary but thought that someone is... read more
Berha - Lots of spelling mistakes but really cool!!!    May 11th
Aliza - thank you all so much    May 9th
Laiba - Cool story U rock    Mar 19th
Aliza   Aamir

Someone in my room 1

2015 Mar 17th 740 Views
Izma was new in hostel. “Where is my room"? She asked from the reception. The receptionist gave her the key of room 143. On her first night she... read more
Laiba - Doesn't matter ideas just pass from person to person    Mar 19th
Pretty - NICE starting keep it up my FRIEND BEST OF LUCK    2016 Sep 28th
Aliza - my sis is so dead she was using my id and wrote that comment :(    2016 Apr 2nd


Aliza   Aamir

Dreaded maths exam

February 2017 Mar 18th 354 Views
Tommorow is my math paperbut intead of things getting in orderi'm stuck in subtractionmy friends are in actioni don't know which formula to applyand... read more
Yaseera - congrats Aliza I wish my poem can get selected it is called 'A balloon's life'...    Jul 13th
Urooj - Congrats ❤❤    Jul 11th
Admin - A criterion for selecting winners in My Page depends on different things. Rank...    Jul 8th


Aliza   Aamir

Help in exams

Mar 20th 287 Views
One student: please teacher tell me the starting of this answer then i will promise i will complete it myself.Teacher: the starting is simple it... read more
4 People Like this! - Fiza IqbalWania TauqeerMuhammad BazilAliza Aamir

Saad - I'v readed this in another book    Jul 3rd
Fiza - Lol😸😸😸😹😹😹.    Jun 17th
Fatima - Lol    May 17th
Aliza   Aamir


2015 Jun 26th 1129 Views
More you get that thing lesser would you see. read more
Fatima - Darkness!!!    May 19th
Fatima - Darkness!!!    May 19th
Pretty - DARKNESS    2016 Sep 28th
Aliza   Aamir


2015 Mar 25th 701 Views
Why did the clown threw the butter outside the window? read more
Aleesha - It can also be... No one will climb this wall, to make it slippy.    2016 Aug 20th
Berha - for butterfly    2016 Feb 25th
Aliza - for what??????????????    2015 Jun 26th


Aliza   Aamir

Judge angels from...

Aug 24th 317 Views
judge angels from creepypasta
2 People Like this! - Sabeen ShahzadAnna Munir

Irza - ohhhh.. right. thank you sabeen    Nov 1st
Irza - ohhhh.. right. thank you sabeen    Nov 1st
Sabeen - Irza CreepyPasta is a website in which people publish horror stories.    Oct 30th
Aliza   Aamir

Matilda request by...

Jun 23rd 435 Views
Matilda request by Ayesha faisal

Irza - very pretty! keep it up    Sep 24th
Urooj - Aliza I have drawn and named it Alisa you can check my drawing at my page    Aug 17th
Urooj - Aliza how is my drawing can u tell me plz cuz I have tried to make same and it...    Jul 22nd
Aliza   Aamir

Poppy request by Fatima

Jun 23rd 308 Views
Poppy request by Fatima

Safa - so beautiful(better to make an animal or flowers)u can use yr creativity in...    Jul 12th
Noorish - lovely    Jul 11th
Anna - So adorable!!!    Jul 8th
Aliza   Aamir

Practicing " fur" on...

Jun 15th 227 Views
4 People Like this! - Sabeen ShahzadFatima TariqWania TauqeerAiza Iqbal

Anna - Amazing!!! :)    Jul 8th
Berha - Truly amazing, Aliza!    Jun 18th
Fatima - Pleasw read my story Poppy and the crytsal. The Vanessa you drew for me was a...    Jun 18th
Aliza   Aamir

My mlp OC: Lightning...

Jun 8th 316 Views
My mlp OC: Lightning Rhyme

Fatima - Most welcome artist of vshine    Jun 21st
Wania - Welcome!💕    Jun 20th
Aliza - @sabeen yup its made on computer and with a mouse >o    Jun 20th
Aliza   Aamir

Paul (request by Maria

May 16th 347 Views
Paul (request by Maria

Aliza - @anas for serious? did u visited olx? i got mine one from olx, and the prices r...    Jun 15th
Anas - well... there's a reason why this website is called Safe Surfing.    Jun 14th
Anas - actually i searched a bit on the internet and the price tag isn't coming down...    Jun 14th
Aliza   Aamir

Aimi (my oc)

May 14th 369 Views
Aimi (my oc)

Berha - I know lol :D    Jun 13th
Wania - Thankyou @Berha! The way you told me how to reach Aliza's blog was funny...    Jun 12th
Aliza - @berha thnx yar! admin is not publishing my google plus address    Jun 9th
Aliza   Aamir

My OC Kirito Hamada

May 11th 264 Views
My OC Kirito Hamada

Sabeen - Cool    Nov 12th
Noorish - Awesome    Jun 4th
Berha - MESSAGE FOR ALL I contacted vshine admin and he had replied me the...    Jun 3rd
Aliza   Aamir

No escape

May 5th 229 Views
No escape
4 People Like this! - Sabeen ShahzadFatima TariqWania TauqeerMaria Gul

Wania - Welcome Aliza!    May 13th
Fatima - This is soo great. You are amazing    May 12th
Nisha - Wonderful    May 12th
Aliza   Aamir

Pencil sketch of ayome

May 5th 292 Views
pencil sketch of ayome

Aliza - @habiba don't worry with a bit more practice u would do better!    Jul 14th
Habiba - amazing drawi i wish i had your drawing =) :-)    Jul 4th
Berha - MESSAGE FOR ALL I contacted vshine admin and he had replied me the...    Jun 3rd
Aliza   Aamir

Magma (request by maria)

Apr 22nd 297 Views
magma (request by maria)

Berha - MESSAGE FOR ALL I contacted vshine admin and he had replied me the...    Jun 3rd
Aliza - @hiba i do not think that doing olevels has any type of concern with class 8 in...    May 13th
Hiba - Noorish! If you are so passionate to do O levels then first you must know that...    May 12th
Aliza   Aamir

Jeff the killer

Apr 22nd 270 Views
jeff the killer

Fatima - Fantastic    May 4th
Noorish - good    Apr 27th
Berha - Awesome!!! It is about the same.... Amazing!!!!    Apr 27th
Aliza   Aamir

Bitter truths about...

Apr 5th 309 Views
bitter truths about reality

Aliza - sure i will    May 3rd
Aliza - @noorish sure anime version? (of 1 direction) i think it will look good,@nisha...    May 2nd
Nisha - Thanks... Can you make a cool girl holding guitar for me please.    May 1st
Aliza   Aamir

Ayome from my...

Apr 5th 316 Views
Ayome from my story(Survive the terror)
4 People Like this! - Sabeen ShahzadFatima TariqWania TauqeerMaria Gul

Fatima - I do not agree as well!!! Not fair!!!! How can he not publish beautiful drawings    Jun 5th
Berha - MESSAGE FOR ALL I contacted vshine admin and he had replied me the...    Jun 3rd
Fatima - Oooooommmmmmg!!!!! Awesome Amazing Fantasric brilliant welldone. Great Bravo    May 23rd
Aliza   Aamir

Pretty in blue

Apr 2nd 324 Views
pretty in blue

Yashfeen - So pretty you draw just like an artist.    Jun 7th
Aliza - @hiba i have heard many people saying practice makes perfect. if u were hurted...    May 13th
Hiba - Aliza ahm,ahm it is not practice makes perfect it is practice makes a man...    May 12th
Aliza   Aamir

Message For All

Apr 2nd 429 Views
Message For All

Ayesha - @Urooj she hasn't made eyes in this one!!! Look closely!!! First think then...    Oct 21st
Urooj - Aliza u r a great artist but dont draw and dont think that I am being rude,mean...    Jul 5th
Urooj - Dont make eyes in your drawings.It is not allowed in islam.    Jul 5th
Aliza   Aamir

Show must go on

Mar 23rd 235 Views
show must go on
4 People Like this! - Sabeen ShahzadWania TauqeerAliza AamirDuaa Amer

Fatima - Wow    May 12th
Noorish - really inspired by you    Apr 29th
Wania - Nice    Apr 19th
Aliza   Aamir

Cute emerald eyes

Mar 19th 293 Views
cute emerald eyes

Bint Waseem - nysh.......................Aliza    Jun 21st
Fatima - I have almost liked all u r drawings    May 12th
Irza - How on earth do you do this?? ESPECIALLY on the computer. It is sooo cool! KEEP...    May 7th
Aliza   Aamir

Elegance and beauty

Mar 19th 294 Views
elegance and beauty
4 People Like this! - Sabeen ShahzadWania TauqeerMaria GulAiza Iqbal

Sarah - No, she meant it like this: Sajahir = Aliza, I can't even use Sumopaint. Can...    Jul 4th
Sajahir - nothing    Jun 25th
Aliza - @sajahir here u r saying that i can't use it and then asking me if i can teach...    Jun 14th
Aliza   Aamir

Bonnie, Chica ,Freddy

Mar 6th 224 Views
Bonnie, Chica ,Freddy
3 People Like this! - Sabeen ShahzadWania TauqeerAiza Iqbal

Wania - Wow    Apr 21st
Azka - nice    Mar 14th
Aiza - Good    Mar 9th
Aliza   Aamir

Five nights freddy...

2016 Nov 22nd 334 Views
five nights freddy fazbear

Wania - Tremendous effort!    Jan 8th
Aiza - Yeah I checked it out.Your drawing is nice    2016 Dec 30th
Wajeeha Masood - very good    2016 Dec 25th
Aliza   Aamir

Ms rapunzel

2015 Sep 3rd 698 Views
ms rapunzel

Maria - very pretty, I am an ms paint artist too    Mar 27th
Aliza - your selfie is really cool    2015 Nov 1st
Duaa - all read my ABOUT ME LAST LINE Mehvish profile pic is mine selfie actually...    2015 Oct 30th
Aliza   Aamir


2015 Apr 20th 727 Views

Rihab - do people draw on computer so good?    2015 Jun 12th
Admin - Check the My Page winners here    2015 May 29th
Simra - Liked sweet heart. ?...    2015 May 21st


Aliza   Aamir

Top 5 worst shows for...

May 25th 433 Views
hit like if you liked this article also if you know any other cartoon which is not child-friendly please write about it in comments below. As a... read more
3 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalMaria GulWania Tauqeer

Aiza - Well said Aliza and I also used to watch these cartoons when I was little. But...    Aug 18th
Anna - Amazing article Aliza. I used to watch Oggy and the cockroaches, teen titans...    Aug 9th
Saad - I think Generator rex is a bad cartoon Do you agree    Jul 27th
Aliza   Aamir

Top haunted places in...

May 20th 287 Views
You guys do not need to go to Transylvania to enjoy horror chills, as a matter of fact there are also haunted places in Pakistan , so i am presenting... read more
4 People Like this! - Maheen IshtiaqFatima TariqWania TauqeerAiza Iqbal

Urooj - No 1 is fake I don't believe in ghosts or soul type of things . These all are...    Jul 23rd
Maryam - Lol!srsly u stl a kid???    Jul 14th
Fatima - Lake saif ul malook is such a beautiful place!! My parents went there and said...    Jun 12th
Aliza   Aamir

Art advice

May 14th 279 Views
Since lot of you guys have been questioning about my art and how in the world do i make those. By a bit of practice i am sure that you guys will do... read more
Sabeen - Great advice Aliza    Oct 31st
Azka - Nice really helpful Aliza    Aug 15th
Urooj - Gud😉    Jul 23rd
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Full Name
Aliza Aamir
Pakistan, PAKISTAN, Karachi
The City School

hey there! you know me by my name Aliza! so let me tell u about myself, i am a talented teenage girl dreaming of becoming a software developer and winning Nobel peace award. my birthday falls on 19 august 2003. i am an anime, creepypasta, fnaf and mlp fan and i love creepy stuff. my hobbies are drawing , writing, listening to music and helping my mom in house chores. i am also a patriot and can't bear something against my country. my personality traits are confidence, leadership, determination, egoistic and creative. the colors i adore are purple and black. plus i also like to read. bye bye fellow vshiners! and yes since i do requests i will be posting them on both my google+ and also on vshine, here's the link to my google plusand link to my doodle plus profile

Video games
Net surfing
Writing stories
A balloon's life Flying in the air like I'm fair I keep on flying and flying on the bed... read more
I hate you mom! "Mom you are not stepping out of your room because my friends are here!" Micah demanded... read more
creepy expierence Yesterday when I was reading creepy stuff(I am not afraid of creepy stuff) on the... read more
My Best Friends I love all my friends Some I consider painter Like Aliza and Maria Some... read more
Disturbance (Part I) I locked my room tight "Mom, is it gonna be okay?" I said with a sort of crying sound... read more
The old lady 3 last part Grandma left telling me that she would come tomorrow with the wife of the man whom I... read more
Survive the terror (part 4) As the door knob turned , Ayome charged out with a hammer for her defence. the figure... read more
The old lady I called the police and the ambulance. The next day my other friends, Luna and James... read more
Disturbance (Part II) "Mom, could you pass the pepper?" Zayn asked. Nothing exciting happened at dinner, I just... read more
Science I love you Science I love youSo that I can knowWhat is trueScience I love youYou tell me about the... read more
A balloon's life Flying in the air like I'm fair I keep on flying and flying on the bed... read more
Emma's baking disaster Emma was so keen baking but her mother never allowed her. One day when Emma was watching... read more
MY POEM When I started to write a poem, 'am just thinking,Then when I got an idea, my eyes... read more
joke why we will we not give elsa a ballon because she will let it... read more
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Sfz Zehra
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