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Aliza  Aamir Siddiqui

Aliza Aamir Siddiqui


Smart School , Karachi

Name is Aliza.i am an 8 grade student . i am 13 years old. i like to read magazines and also i like anime . drawing is my hobby...


Aliza  Aamir Siddiqui

Someone in my room (last...

2015 Apr 20th 446 Views
Izma was frightened and could not make a move she was still suddenly she saw a same gown in her friends closet she was shocked  she opened her... read more
Aleesha - Congratulations for the prize,Rainbow Dash.Please add me,thanks.    Jun 12th
Aliza Aamir - thnx    Mar 31st
Maida - thnx sending friend request aliza! and this can be a good story if u write a...    Mar 13th
Aliza  Aamir Siddiqui

Someone in my room (Part...

February 2015 2015 Mar 23rd 711 Views
Izma faintes, after 15 minutes she woke up and saw at the wall of her room.There was "Dead" with blood. Izma felt scary but thought that someone is... read more
Pretty - GOOD ONE    Sep 28th
Yashal - nice story aliza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Feb 28th
Yashal - wow scary!!!!!    Feb 28th
Aliza  Aamir Siddiqui

Someone in my room 1

2015 Mar 17th 481 Views
Izma was new in hostel. “Where is my room"? She asked from the reception. The receptionist gave her the key of room 143. On her first night she... read more
Pretty - NICE starting keep it up my FRIEND BEST OF LUCK    Sep 28th
Aliza Aamir - my sis is so dead she was using my id and wrote that comment :(    Apr 2nd
Wania - Lolzzzz    2015 Sep 24th


Aliza  Aamir Siddiqui


2015 Jun 26th 846 Views
More you get that thing lesser would you see. read more
Pretty - DARKNESS    Sep 28th
Muhammad Shees - The answer is darkness.    May 27th
Berha - darkness because i have heard it somewhere    Feb 18th
Aliza  Aamir Siddiqui


2015 Mar 25th 481 Views
Why did the clown threw the butter outside the window? read more
Aleesha - It can also be... No one will climb this wall, to make it slippy.    Aug 20th
Berha - for butterfly    Feb 25th
Aliza Aamir - for what??????????????    2015 Jun 26th


Aliza  Aamir Siddiqui

Ms rapunzel

2015 Sep 3rd 461 Views
ms rapunzel

Aliza Aamir - your selfie is really cool    2015 Nov 1st
Duaa - all read my ABOUT ME LAST LINE Mehvish profile pic is mine selfie actually...    2015 Oct 30th
Wania - Pi agree with Irza plus a cool and an amazing picture    2015 Oct 18th
Aliza  Aamir Siddiqui


2015 Apr 20th 486 Views

Rihab - do people draw on computer so good?    2015 Jun 12th
Admin - Check the My Page winners here    2015 May 29th
Simra - Liked sweet heart. ?...    2015 May 21st
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Full Name
Aliza Aamir Siddiqui
Pakistan, KARACHI,pAKISTAN, Karachi
Smart School

Name is Aliza.i am an 8 grade student . i am 13 years old. i like to read magazines and also i like anime . drawing is my hobby. i also like fnaf .my favourite color is purple and blue.

Video games
Net surfing
Writing stories
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