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Shayan  Hasnain

Shayan Hasnain


Sls Montessori & School , Islamabad

I am Shayan Hasnain.I am eleven years old.I am in class 6.I like playing sports games.


Shayan  Hasnain

The brave Dog

August 2015 2015 Aug 25th 1049 Views
Once there was a dog named Max. He helped everybody when anyone was in trouble. One day, his owner went on his work and did not return. Max was very... read more
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Shayan - Oh, sorry u are already my friend    2017 Jun 3rd
Shayan - Irza can u be my friend?????? Plz    2017 Jun 3rd
Irza - Thank you Shayan☺☺    2017 Jun 2nd
Shayan  Hasnain


2013 Sep 24th 859 Views
Once upon a time there was a boy called Ahmed. He was not good at studies. The next day he went to school and said to his friend  can you do my... read more
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Zainab - wow. great!!!!!!!!!!    Feb 16th
Irza - And it worked!!    2017 Nov 2nd
Irza - Thanks for the advice Anas. Much appreciated.☺☺    2017 Jul 25th


Shayan  Hasnain

My Dog

2015 Jan 19th 772 Views
I have a dog its name is GummyIt is the beautiful dog you have ever seenIt likes me very muchAnd I also like it very much. read more

Nabiha - ah, Very good, excellence, well done (xD). I hope you do well in your new...    2017 Jun 15th
Shayan - Yeah, you are right. I got 1st position in SLS Gulraiz Branch with 90...    2017 Jun 15th
Nabiha - i made it on my cousins request ... but since some of the students in my class...    2017 Jun 13th
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SLS Montessori and High School Islamabad
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SLS Montessori and School Islamabad
Full Name
Shayan Hasnain
Pakistan, Federal Area, Islamabad
Sls Montessori & School

I am Shayan Hasnain.I am eleven years old.I am in class 6.I like playing sports games.

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