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Eraj Javed

Eraj Javed


St. Gregory's High School , Karachi

I am Eraj Javed.I am a student of 9th grade.I am very nice person.My hobby is to read books alot.


Eraj Javed

The Scary Night

2015 May 24th 947 Views
“Oh come on Eileen” said Lauren ludicrously “why are you not coming for the camp party I plan tonight”. Eileen and Lauren... read more
Maheen - Awesome    2017 Aug 9th
Eraj - Okay...thanks!! :)    2016 Aug 21st
Yashfeen - nice one and dont worry it is not so long    2016 Aug 19th
Eraj Javed

A magical place that...

2013 Dec 19th 979 Views
Walking on the unblemished path, searching for many different things, and exploring the whole world. All these things are beautiful in nature. But... read more
Shinza - I have accepted your request.    2014 Nov 29th
Minahil - Great Touch    2014 Sep 29th
Eraj - Well Areesha I really don't know how,Sorry!!! :(    2014 Sep 28th
Eraj Javed

Maria in the world of...

2013 Apr 21st 922 Views
"Maria, I'm going for shopping" said Mrs Parker to her daughter."Ok mom, but can you tell me at what time will you be coming back?" asked Maria. "An... read more
Aleesha - Superb!    2016 Aug 21st
Fizza - wow eraj really informative story!! i was about to sleep in those long...    2016 Jun 27th
Wajeeha Masood - you are very good writer    2015 Apr 18th
Eraj Javed

A surprise Birthday Party

2013 Mar 21st 895 Views
Carlie was a very innocent little girl. She also helps her mother with her chores. Her mother was ver. fond of her. One day a letter arrived to their... read more
Aleesha - Loved it!    2016 Aug 21st
Shehram - typical story -_-    2015 Jun 1st
Eraj - Look Atiya I really don't know if any of my story or poem is published on...    2014 Feb 5th
Eraj Javed

Becky and the Fairy

2013 Feb 11th 829 Views
Once there was a girl name Becky, Who lived in a small village. Becky liked her village very much. She always helps her mother to sell foods in the... read more
Eraj - Thanks Maida!! ;)    2016 Mar 25th
Maida - a futuristic story and awesomeeee....!#$%^&:)    2016 Mar 24th
Shehram - hey Eraj i didn't mean it like that ....    2015 Jun 8th
Eraj Javed

Last Night In That Room

2013 Jan 25th 913 Views
I had a terrible day last night. I promised my mother that I will sleep with my cousin in a room where my aunt used to sleep but she left 2years... read more
Irza - V good but it would've been better if you detailed it a little bit more    2015 Nov 5th
Shehram - well nyc but have some grammar and tense mistakes -_-    2015 Jun 1st
FIZZA - Ooh My God!!!scary.....    2013 Sep 8th
Eraj Javed

Kelly and her wishes

2013 Jan 19th 785 Views
Once there was a woman who had seven daughters. The woman was very poor. She has no food or money. She doesn’t even have a coin. But she prays... read more
Eraj - I mean that do you really.think all my stories are typical for you to read and...    2015 Jun 3rd
Shehram - yes its me -_- what do u mean?    2015 Jun 2nd
Eraj - Is it shehram??    2015 Jun 1st
Eraj Javed

The Lion and the Slave

2013 Jan 14th 820 Views
Once there was a cruel master who treated his lave with cruelty. He lived in a large castle and was angry whenever he saw someone. His slaves were... read more
Maida - i have read it many times in books but it's o.k nyc effort    2016 Mar 24th
Zarmala - yup!A GREAT STORY    2014 Aug 16th
Noorul - DO YOU LIKE TO BE MY FRIEND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE MY SISTERS FRIEND 2...    2014 Mar 16th


Eraj Javed


2014 Apr 2nd 589 Views
I love chocolate very muchIt’s my favourite food that I loveOne night I came lateFrom my schoolWhen I saw something glimmeringFrom the... read more
3 People Like this! - Laiba NadeemPrincess AlexaShinza Khan

Eraj - Oh thats lovely Sumiyah,I love to eat chocolate but sometimes not everytime!!!    2014 May 7th
Sumiya - Eraj appi I love chocoate,s a lot    2014 May 2nd
Eraj - Thats really nice Sulaima!!!!    2014 Apr 8th
Eraj Javed

We Are Muslims

2013 Feb 11th 622 Views
We are MuslimsWe are betterWe are doing good deedsAnd leaving the wrong needsWe are caring each otherAnd helping one anotherWe love our prophet... read more
Eraj - Thanks!!    2014 Mar 8th
Ayesha - Very nice    2014 Mar 7th
Eraj - Thanks AREEBA!!!!!!    2013 Apr 25th
Eraj Javed

The Sun

2013 Feb 4th 565 Views
Comes from the east End in the west Shines on the day Because it is the best Rises like a light Shines very bright Orange and yellow in colour Makes... read more
3 People Like this! - Laiba NadeemPrincess AlexaAyesha Aamir

Aleesha - Lovely    2016 Aug 21st
Eraj - Thanks    2014 Mar 14th
Aliza - gud    2013 Feb 10th
Eraj Javed


2013 Jan 26th 575 Views
I love to go to school Because school is cool In which there are many rules And we also use many tools We also learn ABC And we also learn to do good... read more
3 People Like this! - Laiba NadeemPrincess AlexaAyesha Aamir

Eraj - Thank you souson    2013 Jan 27th
Souson - it is cool just like your poem of school    2013 Jan 26th
Eraj Javed

My Best Cousin

2013 Jan 25th 685 Views
She is the best cousin Her name is Susan She is in my life And without her I wouldn't survive Because we always Work together Live together Walk... read more
3 People Like this! - Laiba NadeemPrincess AlexaAyesha Aamir

Souson - Thanks eraj! you too    2013 Jan 26th
Abdullah - nice    2013 Jan 26th
Eraj - yes i know the susan is not correct but the correct word is souson    2013 Jan 26th
Eraj Javed

My Cousin Eshaal

2013 Jan 24th 618 Views
She’s the one who makes us brightShe’s the one who spread the lightShe’s the one who makes us joyShe’s the one who we... read more
3 People Like this! - Laiba NadeemPrincess AlexaAyesha Aamir

Eraj - This is for my cousin Eshaal.......soooo cute    2013 Jan 25th
1 Comment
Eraj Javed


2013 Jan 24th 565 Views
Moral is a good thingBecause it teaches us everythingTo learn and respect everyoneAnd not act like animalsTo be good and behave properlyAnd show your... read more
3 People Like this! - Laiba NadeemPrincess AlexaAyesha Aamir
Eraj Javed

A Heart To My Mother

2013 Jan 24th 642 Views
When I was a baby you would cuddle meWhen I cry you would hug meWhen I began to talkYou teach me how to walkWhen I go to sleepYou read me a storyI... read more
3 People Like this! - Laiba NadeemPrincess AlexaAyesha Aamir

Shinza - TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! good.    2014 Dec 12th
Eraj - nice poem    2013 Mar 2nd
Eraj Javed


2013 Jan 23rd 609 Views
Wish to be a doctorWish to hope my desiresWish to let everyone freeWish to be happyWish to get good marksWish to be larkWish to go on a parkWish to... read more
Eraj - thanks sousin    2013 Jan 25th
Souson - Great    2013 Jan 23rd
Eraj Javed


2013 Jan 22nd 573 Views
Birds are beautifulBirds are wonderfulBirds sing in the morningBirds play near the saplingsBirds fly in the skyThey go high and highBirds explore the... read more
Eraj - thanx everyone    2013 Jan 23rd
Fahim - Good try    2013 Jan 23rd
Souson - Nice poem cool cousin    2013 Jan 22nd
Eraj Javed


2013 Jan 21st 607 Views
knowledge is powerknowledge is keyknowledge showers the blessings on meknowledge is lifeknowledge is my mindknowledge fightsthe terrible crimes... read more
Fahim - like very much    2013 Jan 23rd
Eraj - i get it from my mind souson:)    2013 Jan 22nd
Eraj - love this poem its the very best    2013 Jan 22nd
Eraj Javed


2013 Jan 19th 551 Views
In winter we felt very coldWe couldn’t make our self controlOnly we snug into our bedsTo have a long restWe felt a bit lazyAnd we feel a lot... read more
Eraj - thanx    2013 Jan 22nd
Souson - Nice Marvellous keep it up.    2013 Jan 21st
Areeba - Adorable :)    2013 Jan 19th
Eraj Javed

My Brother

2013 Jan 18th 612 Views
My brother is so niceHe is very politeBut he messes up my thingsAnd broke my precious ringWhen I’m all aloneTalking in a phoneHe would snatch... read more
KHAN - it is awesome    2014 Jan 4th
Eraj - for my cute bro    2013 Mar 2nd
Amna - Guddddddddddddd    2013 Jan 24th
Eraj Javed


2013 Jan 18th 597 Views
So many disturbancesBecause of the turbulenceEverywhere I see pollutionBut nobody comes with a solutionAs to whether we should stop itOr leave it as... read more


Eraj Javed


2013 Apr 26th 1546 Views
A cowboy rode to an inn on Friday. He stayed two nights and left on Friday. How could that be?The more you have of it, the less you see. What is it?I... read more
Aleesha - The riddles were awesome    2016 Aug 21st
Eraj - Hmm... Um.... Ayesha I think your sentence "the cowboy went on Friday" is a...    2014 Jul 24th
Ayesha - Eraj your riddles are amazing but riddle 1 is a bit wrong it is like "the...    2014 Jul 14th
Eraj Javed

Weather or whether

2013 Apr 25th 737 Views
 Teacher: Robert tell me which (whether/weather) is going to come in this sentence.I like the ________________.(Whether/weather).Robert who was... read more
Aleesha - I love your jokes & poems.    2016 Aug 21st
Nuzhat - nice    2013 Nov 8th
Eraj - Your welcome    2013 Aug 24th
Eraj Javed

The Mirror

2013 Mar 2nd 912 Views
Mother: Saad why did you break the mirror?Saad: because it was copying me.   read more
Aleesha - Wonderful    2016 Aug 21st
Uswa - hahahhaha    2015 Jan 11th
Eraj - Thanks for your comments!! and do mind you language please!!!    2013 Nov 10th
Eraj Javed

Exam Papers

2013 Feb 25th 924 Views
Mother:"Ahmed how was your Exam papers?"Ahmed:"I really did great mom.Mother:"Oh Ahmed you really make me proud".Ahmed:"Thanks mom you don't have to... read more
Affan - Yeah so?    2013 Oct 1st
Eraj - Thank Abdullah    2013 Aug 16th
Abdullah - good:D    2013 Aug 15th
Eraj Javed


2013 Feb 9th 1072 Views
Akber was a boy who has a friend who got chicken pox. Akber was very afraid of chicken pox.Mother: Akber would you like to have a chicken soup?Akber:... read more
Emel - gOOD YAR!!    2013 Aug 6th
Marwa - a very nice one :) :P)    2013 Jul 12th
Nazish - nice and funny.    2013 Jun 8th
Eraj Javed

Teacher and Students

2013 Jan 29th 858 Views
Teacher:"Ok students when I ask a question you all have to answer only once".Students:"Ok teacher".Teacher:"Now student what is 2+2=?"Students:"Only... read more
Aleesha - Funny    2016 Aug 21st
Eraj - Thanks abdullah!!    2013 Sep 2nd
Abdullah - good    2013 Aug 16th


Eraj Javed

We all shine thanks to V...

2013 Feb 15th 680 Views
We all shine thanks to V SHINE

Abeera - nice and cute!    2014 Jul 7th
Affan - Y in the world u r commenting in your own drawing    2013 Sep 29th
Usman - Good 1    2013 Sep 5th
Eraj Javed

School Girl

2013 Jan 26th 644 Views
School Girl

Noorul - COOOOOOOOOOOOL ............... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2014 Jul 25th
Eraj - thanx    2013 Mar 2nd
Eriman - EXCELLENT    2013 Feb 27th
Eraj Javed

Princess Dolly

2013 Jan 26th 673 Views
Princess Dolly

Ajwa - its gr888!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Sep 4th
Eraj - thanks i will    2013 Mar 2nd
Rameen - wow    2013 Feb 22nd


Eraj Javed

Emperor Penguins

2014 Apr 3rd 697 Views
Physical Appearance:Emperors are the largest of all penguins, They are easily recognized by their black cap, blue-grey neck, orange ear-patches and... read more
Eraj Javed

10 most Beautiful Birds...

2014 Jan 13th 768 Views
The earth has its own beauty of nature. This nature is filled by the beautiful and amazing birds, roaming across the lands, ponds, sky, etc, with its... read more
Eraj - Thanks Soha!!    2014 Apr 1st
Soha - Informative :)    2014 Mar 31st
Bushra Hafeez - M.P :)    2014 Mar 28th
Eraj Javed


2013 Apr 13th 623 Views
There are many places in the world. But the Best place is Killarney. It is situated in the west corner of Ireland with its three famous lakes, above... read more
3 People Like this! - Laiba NadeemPrincess AlexaEraj Javed

Emel - Nice article keep it up!!!!!!!    2013 Jul 3rd
1 Comment
Eraj Javed

A Good Citizen

2013 Feb 16th 703 Views
A good citizen always behaves properly with respect and care. We should be good citizens, we should be maintain ourselves, and should be clean, our... read more
Eraj - thank you tasbiha    2013 Apr 6th
Fatima - it is very very very goooood!!!!    2013 Apr 4th
Eraj - Is this Article good or not?    2013 Mar 25th
Eraj Javed

People Should Have...

2013 Jan 26th 552 Views
This is very common to see that most people understand Education as a burden. But they should not. However Education is very important for us... read more
Emel - Nice!    2013 Jul 10th
Eraj - Please any one comment something in this article?    2013 Mar 25th
Eraj Javed

Reading Books or...

January 2013 2013 Jan 25th 1224 Views
Reading books are not bad like watching TV because watching TV is a waste of time rather than reading books. You can get much information from the... read more
Yashfeen - Brilliant    2017 Mar 30th
Eraj - Thanks!!! and I think maybe your jealous about the gift I got ;)!!!!    2014 Apr 11th
Aysha - you wrote a vvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...    2014 Apr 7th
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Full Name
Eraj Javed
Pakistan, Karachi, Karachi
St. Gregory's High School

I am Eraj Javed.I am a student of 9th grade.I am very nice person.My hobby is to read books alot.

Toy collecting
Writing stories
Emperor Penguins Physical Appearance:Emperors are the largest of all penguins, They are easily recognized... read more
Sometime I Wish Sometime i wish....I could go somewhereOr close my eyesAnd vanish anywhereWhere nobody... read more
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