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Humaira Maqbool

Humaira Maqbool


Islamia English School,abu Dhabi , Abu Dhabi

i am a 12 year old girl and live in abu dhabi U.A.E.I study in 7th grade.


Humaira Maqbool

Why is the earth round?

2011 Nov 2nd 1257 Views
Teacher: Tell me three reasons on why the earth is round?Pupil: Well my father says so, my mother says so and you say so.   read more
Ramis - i agree with Fatima...!    2012 Mar 20th
Ayesha - nice one guys!!!    2012 Feb 10th
Wafa - i join fatema    2011 Dec 3rd
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Full Name
Humaira Maqbool
United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
Islamia English School,abu Dhabi
i am a 12 year old girl and live in abu dhabi U.A.E.I study in 7th grade.

Does not like anything!

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