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Directioner Forever Assawer T.

Directioner Forever Assawer T.


O-levels(10th)- Al-maarefah International School Jazan , Jazan

Hiya...Assawer Here.. M a 10th grader now :)Some of my interests apart from studies are music and reading.. My favorite music is...


Directioner Forever Assawer T.

Peace & Quiet

2012 Jun 22nd 1318 Views
There is no peace & quiet Everywhere situations are tight Popping up around us are fights Nothing around us is going right No hope we have that... read more
Directioner Forever - HAHHAHHAH @zoya, I am a female. Very much so. Without a doubt!    2017 May 12th
Zoya - What are you a male or female ?    2016 Sep 16th
Directioner Forever Assawer T.


2012 May 25th 702 Views
I love you mum Without you, we are scum I hope you love a plum In your work You use a large amount of gum We may shout, we may disobey But for us you... read more
5 People Like this! - Arooba AsjedMathilda KhanAnas _Zainab KhanSaba Mahfooz

Arooba - biggggggest and huge fan of one direction ever    2013 Sep 29th
Directioner Forever - yeah that it is.. I am a hardcore Directioner, been in the Fandom since the...    2013 Aug 16th
Irum - Omigosh, I love 1d as well. VShine is full of Directioners!:-)    2013 Jul 20th
Directioner Forever Assawer T.


2012 May 25th 905 Views
I love you dadYou can never be bad All those times when you are with us We are glad We all pray That Almighty showers the ray Of his blessings upon... read more
5 People Like this! - Arooba AsjedMaria MasoodAnas _Zainab KhanSaba Mahfooz

Disenchanted. - Awesome poem! Assawer!    2012 Jul 10th
Zainab - wow assawer ur poems r wonderfullll :D    2012 Jun 18th
Directioner Forever - why don't you people give some comments so I can improve a bit????    2012 Jun 2nd
Directioner Forever Assawer T.

My world

2012 Apr 5th 699 Views
Guns & bombs All around me If this goes on What the world will be There is no importance of unity When times were old The world was gold Now its... read more
Directioner Forever - No problem urooj , we can share being the greatest fans of hp b/w ourselves.    2012 Apr 16th
Urooj - reaLLy nyC.....assawer as per r0utine......ive read ur intr0.......ur n0t the...    2012 Apr 14th
Ashna - yeah sure i will    2012 Apr 11th
Directioner Forever Assawer T.

Free Bird

2012 Mar 13th 695 Views
I wish I was a bird Who could freely fly anywhere it wanted to be Like above the river green Beneath the shimmering stars Across the railway line... read more
Tooba - very nice!!! such a good work and hard work this is.....    2013 May 29th
Daniyal - ah i see big sis writing gud poems or i should say directioner writing good...    2012 Dec 12th
Zainab - really nyc !    2012 Aug 2nd
Directioner Forever Assawer T.

It's a new day

2012 Jan 18th 723 Views
Come on people stop mourning the dead Some people die due to carelessness of those who are bad Start out a new life It’s a new day It may bring... read more
Directioner Forever - thanx everyone    2013 Mar 22nd
Daniyal - good    2012 Dec 12th
Directioner Forever - Thanx emaan ... U made my day..    2012 Oct 5th
Directioner Forever Assawer T.

My Friend

August 2011 2011 Aug 25th 1190 Views
I love my friend& wish that our friendship never endWhen we first metWe fought till the day endNow she's really nice to me& thats how friends... read more
Directioner Forever - No anas we don't get much rain...we have to wait for it for a long time but...    2012 Sep 1st
Anas - nice.. you live in gizan? I am in yanbu.. it sucks.. no rain.. you guys get...    2012 Aug 29th
Daniyal - by the way laiba do u knw that the writer of this poem is my sis her name is...    2012 Aug 25th
Directioner Forever Assawer T.

My beautiful Skirt

2011 Aug 24th 785 Views
My Beautiful SkirtI like pent-shirtBut sometimes I wear a skirtOnce my beautiful skirt got stained with dirtIt was all darkWhen I wore it to the... read more
Directioner Forever - thanx evryone    2013 Mar 22nd
Daniyal - yo sis gr8 poem    2012 Aug 25th
Aamna - Nice Poem    2011 Sep 17th
Directioner Forever Assawer T.


2011 Aug 19th 783 Views
A mother is truly our best friendShe's really comfort to cheer & defend Her love has no limits Her devotion has no endA mother is truly our best... read more
Directioner Forever - thanx everyone    2013 Mar 22nd
Zainab - lovely poemmmm :) :) :)    2012 Jun 18th
Directioner Forever - COMMON PEOPLE COMMENT ON IT PLEASE......    2011 Oct 12th
Directioner Forever Assawer T.

When I...

2011 Aug 15th 1003 Views
When I look at the skyI see birds flying byMy level best I tryTo not to say goodbyeBut soon they fly awayBecause that's their way to stay happy &... read more
Directioner Forever - thanx everyone... i remember an year and a half ago when i posted this poem...    2013 Mar 22nd
Daniyal - hey!gud poem    2012 Dec 13th
Aamna - Nice poem    2011 Sep 15th


Directioner Forever Assawer T.


2013 Sep 25th 625 Views
Dear V SHINE & all my friends here,Just signed in here to say a massive thank you to all of you, You've really helped me through a lot. I used to... read more
2 People Like this! - KHAN AHMEDArooba Asjed

Sofia - awwww thx=ank u    2014 Feb 8th
HAFSA - everyone are you are right and we also love are right kay vshine is are...    2014 Jan 22nd
Salwa - YEAH..! I also wanna thank firstly VSHINE then all my new friends whoever...    2013 Oct 20th
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Full Name
Directioner Forever Assawer T.
Saudi Arabia, Jazan, Jazan
O-levels(10th)- Al-maarefah International School Jazan

Hiya...Assawer Here.. M a 10th grader now :)Some of my interests apart from studies are music and reading.. My favorite music is by this boyband named 'one direction'... theyre epic so make sure to go check them out... I also love writing (fanfix and poetry) .. thats pretty much it about me ... Assawer ... Xx

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