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Ayesha Ejaz

Ayesha Ejaz


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I am ayesha ejaz


Ayesha Ejaz

The Sister I Once Knew...

2012 Jun 19th 917 Views
I sat lovingly looking at my sister who was busy in serving mom some food. She had always been the only person who helped me in time of need. No one... read more
3 People Like this! - Adeena Asrar AliIrum HayaatTooba Raheel

Irum - wheres the next part ayesha baji?    2013 Mar 3rd
Tooba - When r u going to write the next part????????    2012 Sep 1st
Khadijah - baji ji the previous is also to be continued... this one also to be continued...    2012 Aug 10th
Ayesha Ejaz

The Right Judgment

2012 Jun 19th 828 Views
Qazi was a very honest person and was always believed to make the right judgment. Every person in town came to him for a judgment and always went... read more

Irum - argghhhhh.... i hate coninued stories    2013 Mar 3rd
Tooba - r u going 2 write the next part in 2019????? :|    2012 Sep 1st
Ali - I'm so sad, such a good story but, COPIED!!!!!!!!!!!!    2012 Jul 4th
Ayesha Ejaz

The importance of a...

2012 Mar 30th 744 Views
Saleem was a student of tenth class. His mother was a widow and was old now. His father had died 6 months ago and he was his mother's only support... read more
2 People Like this! - Irum HayaatAyesha Ejaz

Ayesha - thnxxx    2012 May 22nd
Ali - thank goodness he asked her forgiveness. Great Story;)    2012 Apr 5th
Ayesha Ejaz

The secret behind living

2012 Mar 21st 836 Views
A beautiful girl she was, with her sparkling, spotless face and flawless long brown hair. A unique character stood in front of me every time I came... read more
3 People Like this! - Irum HayaatKhadijah AhsanMomina Bhatty

Khadijah - Is it true ???????????    2012 Aug 16th
Emaan - oH why,it's Ok    2012 Apr 4th
Ayesha - shes begging for money to buy her friends some gift....    2012 Apr 2nd


Ayesha Ejaz

A beautiful girl

2012 Apr 3rd 760 Views
A beautiful girl
3 People Like this! - Irum HayaatFatima UroosDfg Dfggf

Dfg - nice pls c0mment 0n my drawings pls...    2012 Nov 30th
Syeda - nice    2012 May 2nd
Emaan - I'm a good artist and everyone says my ideas are copied but they are MOST...    2012 Apr 28th
Ayesha Ejaz

Let's Plant A Tree

2012 Mar 27th 894 Views
Let's Plant A Tree
4 People Like this! - Irum HayaatDfg DfggfAiman MughalAyesha Ejaz

Raniah - Gud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nice still whether U r nice in real nor here...    2012 Jun 30th
Emaan - Oooo It WAS wonderful    2012 Apr 4th
Ayesha - thanks...actually it looked nicer in real;p    2012 Mar 30th
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I am ayesha ejaz


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The Sister I Once Knew... I sat lovingly looking at my sister who was busy in serving mom some food. She had always... read more
The Right Judgment Qazi was a very honest person and was always believed to make the right judgment. Every... read more
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