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Dua Namdar

Dua Namdar


Fatimiyah Girls School , Karachi

My name is DUA NAMDAR I study in fatimiyah girls school and my hobby is to write besties names are Baneen,Sara and...


Dua Namdar

Night and Day

2015 Apr 22nd 754 Views
Now it's nightgo sleep tightwake up brightin the morning lighthave your dietthen check your heightfly a kitetalk politedon't fightgo on the path... read more
Syeda Malaika - Well written Dua. Well I also have many friends studying in Fatmiyah...:-)    2018 Mar 7th
Urooj - Check my page mine article and my stories 😉    2017 Jul 10th
Urooj - Really nice well done dua!!😉    2017 Jul 10th
Dua Namdar


2015 Apr 22nd 628 Views
My friends are politethey didn't do fightthey like biscuit ritethey love to fly kitethey all are tall in heightthey are like stars bright. read more
Wania - Good!    2016 Sep 22nd
Dua - thanks baneen    2015 Nov 21st
Baneen - Amazing    2015 Nov 3rd
Dua Namdar

Summer season

2014 Sep 17th 869 Views
fun fun funsummer is comego on picnicsenjoy with siblingsswimming in cool watermake me enjoysun is very hotapple juice I boughtdrinking cool... read more
Dua - u live in gujranwala bisma?    2014 Nov 30th
Bismah - cool!!! welcome to my friend list!!!!    2014 Oct 3rd
Dua - very goooooooooooooood poem    2014 Sep 18th