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Amn Hassan

Amn Hassan


The City School , Lahore

I love reading and am good at singingI am writing a novel but I don't know if it's good or badI would like to make new frnds and...


Amn Hassan

Alone in the grave

2014 Sep 17th 389 Views
Alone in the graveI am alone in this graveand not too bravea tear trickle down my cheekas the moon peeksdarkness everywhereI won’t be scared... read more
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Amn - Thnx faryal nd Samir actually it was my homework assignment that had to be 8...    2015 Apr 23rd
Samir - Nice!But too short    2015 Apr 3rd
Anonymous - Well I know! And I love Ur this Poem, It's AWESOME! Keep it up buddy!    2014 Sep 28th
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Full Name
Amn Hassan
Pakistan, Punjab, Lahore
The City School

I love reading and am good at singing

I am writing a novel but I don't know if it's good or bad

I would like to make new frnds and I suggest you to write in forum about improving v shine although it just need a chat room otherwise it's the best

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