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Ellina Fatima

Ellina Fatima


Beaconhouse , Faisalabad

Hey guys my name is Ellina Fatima I am going to class 5 recently I like edgy and glittery style.I am a...


Ellina Fatima


2013 Dec 19th 894 Views
Once there was a Hispanic girl named Carlie. She was nice, tidy , respectful, intelligent and talented and of course having these excellent ethics... read more
3 People Like this! - Sawera IlyasFatima AdnanKHAN AHMED

Hafsa - Don't like it    2017 Dec 18th
Urooj - Guud    2017 Jul 31st
Rida - yes,Dua said right,but it is a good ide@    2014 Sep 19th
Ellina Fatima

The Old Building

2013 Nov 4th 1047 Views
When Mr. Sam entered the room no#2 he heard some whispers that are in another language he was so scared that he started to tremble with fear that... read more
Mathilda - stop criticizing people :) let her try :) gud one ;)    2014 Jan 17th
Tooba - Aliyaa madam no need to be so rude    2013 Dec 26th
Affan - seriously only to sentences and too short. make it unless 1 page that is half a...    2013 Dec 17th
Ellina Fatima

Being Mature takes time

2013 Nov 1st 908 Views
Abdullah screamed "I am mature now mother I don't need your guidance". Abdullah's brother, Fahad said "Abdullah, being mature takes time" but... read more
Ellina - Yep m confused too! Urwa    2014 Jun 2nd
Raveeha - Urwa i am surprised dec 30 2014 has not come yet so how can u post a comment on...    2014 May 26th
Ellina - Urwa plz dont be soooooo negative!MADAM!!!    2014 Jan 26th


Ellina Fatima

Books with different...

2014 Jun 2nd 666 Views
Books are your friendsIt seems like a journey that never endsBooks help you get knowledgeWith adventure like standing on a ledgeThen I went to... read more
3 People Like this! - Ellina FatimaZaina AhmadLaibah Basham

Laibah - this was amazing!!!    2014 Jun 5th
ADA - I LOVED UR POEM!!!!:)    2014 Jun 3rd
Ellina Fatima

Class five

2014 Jun 2nd 713 Views
I am going to promote in class fiveSaying myself trying to be naiveThe algebra solution is too longSeems like the way from Pakistan to Hong KongThe... read more
2 People Like this! - Maimoona Masood AwanLaibah Basham

Tooba - good poem    2014 Jun 17th
Maimoona Masood - Nice! Great job!!!    2014 Jun 16th
Muhammad - it is a good poem great work    2014 Jun 11th
Ellina Fatima

A Prayer from my heart

2014 Jan 13th 794 Views
May Allah cure your woundsMay success you may foundMay your schooling be the bestFrom the school, from the restMay nemesis become your allyMay your... read more
1 Person like this! - Mathilda Khan

Ellina - thanks mahrukh    2014 Feb 2nd
Mahrukh - your poem is a good one.    2014 Jan 31st
Mathilda - u heard E.T by katy perry ? :)    2014 Jan 20th
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Full Name
Ellina Fatima
Pakistan, punjab, Faisalabad

Hey guys my name is Ellina Fatima I am going to class 5 recently I like edgy and glittery style.I am a Katycat,Beaster,Mahomie,Simpsonizer,Selenator,Arianator,Harmonizer,Stan, and a Directioner.Being a middle grader I have been here to improve my ethics and education.I am not such an geek but I love my ipod and my ipad too keep up with my poems.I love monster high and Katy Perry while Ariana Grande is my inspiratoion only the one I hate is Justin Bieber because he's changing a lot later and cuz of the rumors bout him now bye for now but remember keep up with me:)

Video games
Net surfing
Writing stories
Books with different looks Books are your friendsIt seems like a journey that never endsBooks help you get... read more
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