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Hamza Waqas Waheed

Hamza Waqas Waheed


Brick School , Lahore

My name is Hamza Waqas Waheed.


Hamza Waqas Waheed

Prince and Princess

2013 May 31st 941 Views
Prince and Princess The prince and the princesswent to a hall.When they were dancing,the princess fall.She tore a holein her party dress."Oh... read more
Mubashra - do you like messi?????? i am a great fan of him    2015 Feb 10th
Hibba - like ur story:)    2014 Jan 7th
Wafa - i also liked ur story. u r a gr8 crickter playr do u lyc 2 play crictxx!!!!!!!!!    2013 Nov 25th
Hamza Waqas Waheed


2013 Apr 5th 774 Views
A cat is fat.She likes rats.She bites my bat.She loves to sit on her mat. read more
Mubashra - wow another fan of lionel messi :) great poem...... me too is a great great and...    2015 Feb 9th
Hibba - hey its childish but cute:)    2014 Jan 7th
Izza - A0A..!! Hamza Bhai, our fatherx are same-named...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Oct 21st
Hamza Waqas Waheed

Wishes and Dreams

2013 Mar 2nd 671 Views
Wishes and DreamsThere are lots of thingsI wish I could be,Like a humpback whaleDown under the seaOr an eagle flyingWay up high,Or a shining starIn... read more
Irum - Awesome!    2013 Sep 11th
Wafa - nyxxxx    2013 Aug 21st
Hamza Waqas - Thanks    2013 May 19th
Hamza Waqas Waheed

Writing is Exciting

2013 Mar 2nd 699 Views
Writing is excitingAnd it's everywhere you look.You find it in a magazine,You find it in a book.You find it on a sign board,You find it at the... read more
Hibba - love it :):):)    2014 Jan 7th
Irum - Awesome!    2013 Sep 11th
Maarij Maqsood - nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11    2013 Apr 2nd
Hamza Waqas Waheed

Holiday Time

2013 Feb 25th 690 Views
The holidays are hereWe’re packing up todayWe’ve worked hard all termNow we're going to play. read more
Irum - Awesome!    2013 Sep 11th
Rafia - Hamza thnxxxx alot for commenting on my jokes........... ap ki aur remaining...    2013 Aug 9th
Rafia - thnx alot Hamza!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) well if u r asking frm me so i don't...    2013 Aug 9th


Hamza Waqas Waheed


2013 May 30th 1167 Views
What will happen if a man eats Spaghetti in space?He will get it all over his face!!! read more
ADA - sory ebad    2014 Jul 25th
ADA - emel api and rafia api plz add me    2014 Jul 17th
ADA - rafia ap right nahi ho .batamizon se larai krni chahiye taake unhain bhi akal...    2014 Jul 17th


Hamza Waqas Waheed


2013 Jun 10th 794 Views

Ebad - Abdur Rafey ye tasveer tumhari apni hai....    2014 Feb 15th
Rafia - :)))) no need of sorry :)    2013 Sep 24th
Irum - Oh right!! Ok sorry    2013 Sep 13th
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Full Name
Hamza Waqas Waheed
Pakistan, Punjab, Lahore
Brick School
5 th

My name is Hamza Waqas Waheed.

Video games
Tv watching
Indoor games
Net surfing
Writing stories
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