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Huma Zahid

Huma Zahid


Sandal Collage Faisalabad , Faisalabad

i am huma


Huma Zahid


2011 Aug 16th 774 Views

Areeba - oh nyccccccccccccccccccccc    2013 Jul 28th
Irum - Oho! New profile pic! Of Emma Watson?? Am I right, Huma Baji?    2013 Apr 29th
MaRyAm - hi Hama Zahid baij !!!!!!!!!!!!!    2012 Dec 30th
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SR-2 (The City School KAPCO Chapter) Kot Addu (KAPCO Colony)
Full Name
Huma Zahid
Pakistan, punjab, Faisalabad
Sandal Collage Faisalabad

i am huma

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