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Hope you are fine and doing well. As you know V SHINE is the largest multilingual children website all over the world.

And we are making it more and more interesting for you. There would be many things you would like to see here and we’ll welcome your suggestions and feedback to help us make it better.

You’ll see many new things on VShineworld.com such as new stories, poems, activities and others. Enjoy and let us know about your comments.
Lastly, there are still a large number of affected people in Pakistan who have been affected by the floods. Help them in whtaever way you can.



  Uncle Shine is your friend in need.
You can ask him about your
problems regarding your studies,
school, society, in your home and
any thing else. Uncle Shine can
help you out.

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Latest Questions :
Angry Friend
Hard exercises

Participate at Discussion Forum
and share your views with
others. You'll find many
important and hot issues of
everyday life and our society
being discussed here. You may also
suggest a topic to start a new discussion.
So have a fine and fair talk
in a healthy environment.

New topic:
Students are not paying much attention.....

  Do some new activities and learn in
an exciting way. You'll know practically
how things work. Besides this a large
number of junior activities are also here
for the little ones. Simple and
interesting activities will lead you to
the world of knowledge and fun.

Latest Activities:
Make Your Crystals
Compass Rose
Make the rainbow white



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