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Hope you are fine. We have received feedback and suggestions from our viewers and readers across the globe.

It's very encouraging that you people not only go through the web pages but also participate in improving vshineworld.com. We, together will make the website more attractive and informative.

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  Here you can write stories, poems and
articles. It's all about to prove you skills.
You may post a joke or drawing. Mypage
will boost your writing skills and wake up
your mind to show yourself to all the viewers.
  Look out for the things old and odd. Learn
about things of the past. It's a better way
to see them in a museum. Why the
ancient wonders vanished?
Dinosaurs were really as like as we see
them today in pictures? So what are
you waiting for? Just get into the world of past.

Many interesting things you would like to know
and strange events had had happened.
They relate to science, sports and animals.
Some funny things also can be seen here.
So take a round up to these fantastic facts.


Aspirin discovered during experiment with waste product
The length from your wrist...
Leaning Tower of Pisa has never been straight
The blue-ringed octopus is....




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