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Healthy environment plays an important role in healthy life. We all share the responsibility to help save the environment. V SHINE had published ENVIRONMENT EDITION last year. This month, you can see a number of environment-friendly activities and learn how to plant trees and create a pollution-free environment. We share the responsibility to save trees and grow more plants. You can take part at FORUM and perform activities related to planting and learn a lot about trees.
We appreciate the spirit of our young contributors at MY PAGE. All the writers who are waiting for their stuff to publish at MY PAGE would be informed about the status of their write-ups soon.

  Evergreen Trees
  The Unfruitful Tree
  Kindest thing I know
  The tree of life
  Trees and Our Prophet (Peace be upon him)
  Saving the Earth
  Create a Tree-Friendly Drawing and Win Gifts
  Participate in tree-friendly
drawing contest. You can
draw whatever you think
about trees. You can draw
it by pencil colours,
watercolours, and crayons or
with the help of paint software. Best drawings will be given a fabulous prize.
  Have your say
  It is really interesting to take part
in discussions on different topics.
Discussion brings up the new ways
to think and indeed it is the best way
to find a correct view and solution for
different topics. You can see new topics regarding environment and studies here.

  Do you need help?
  Uncle Shine is a friend who
understands your problems
and provides their solutions.
If you have a problem regarding
your school, family, friends,
education or any other issue,
feel free to ask. He really loves
to help you
out. The answers of
your questions would be published
on the website or sent through e-mail as per your choice.

  Try Yourself to Help save

Here is a section with different interesting activities to help save Environment and grow more trees. Perform activities related to gardening and planting.

  Make your own Compost
Making compost is easy and useful for your garden
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  Make your own bio dome
A biodome is a container for growing plants that doesn't need watering.
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  Grow a Potato Plant
Now you can have your fries from your own garden!
Read More
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