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VShineworld is one of the largest children web portals in the world, serving you in three vital languages e.g. English, Urdu and Arabic. It provides you interesting educational information. We hope that you will keep participating in vshineworld.com as an active member. We are trying to make learning fun for you and in this regard we welcome your suggestions and comments.

The most important thing that we all should understand is the importance of environment. So prepare yourself for a striking Environment Edition this April. Not only the magazine but also your website would be focusing environmental issues and hazards. So don't miss it and help save the Earth.

The website would be highlighting different environmental threats, issues and hazards.



V SHINE world

  Prayer is the best way to thank the Lord for
His countless blessings. We should recite
"Bismillah" before we start a work. There are
different prayers for each action we perform
such as eating, travelling, sleeping etc.
These and many other actions must begin
with their respective prayers. Here you can
read and listen different prayers and use them
in your daily life.
  Uncle Shine is a friend who understands
your problems and provides their solutions.
If you have a problem regarding your
school, family, friends, education or any
other issue, feel free to ask. He really
loves to help you out. The answers of
your questions would be published on
the website or sent through e-mail as per
your choice.
  This part of website is full of
different interesting activities to
help you make most of your leisure.
It includes activities related to
science, maths, geography
and other subjects.


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